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Kitten unsteady on back legs

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viviennewestood Mon 23-May-16 20:14:38

One of my kittens is very unsteady on her back legs and falls off of things very easily. She's 9 months old but appears to be much younger and smaller than her sister. Any ideas what it could be?

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 23-May-16 22:14:12

So many possibilities she needs to see a vet to narrow it down.

Wolfiefan Mon 23-May-16 22:14:58

What does vet say?

pumpkinpie5 Mon 23-May-16 22:16:29

Look up hyperplasia - that was my first thought. But I agree with pp that you should take her to vet for a consult.

gamerchick Mon 23-May-16 22:18:00

Yep vets. Make an appointment tomorrow.

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