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Meows but won't come in

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WalkingBlind Wed 16-Mar-16 23:23:34

My cat sneaks out at every opportunity then sits and yowls (horrendously) at my windows/doors but when I open them to let her in she runs off. There's no coaxing her either.

She's not afraid of anything while she's in the property, she will come in if I leave the door open and leave the room (and then race back in to shut it behind her before she gets there first!) BUT I have two indoor cats who live in the room the door is connected to.... So I can't walk away from it without putting them in a crate and god knows how long she will feel like taking (it can be hours).

It's very clear she just wants constant open access and is yowling for me to leave the front door open but with the other two cats, an already freezing home and risk of thieves, I just can't do that sad I don't understand why she's desperate to get out and desperate to get in as well seconds later.

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