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Elderly cat living outside

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Ploppymoodypants Tue 09-Feb-16 23:18:18

So, I have a lovely lovely dear cat. He is about 13. He is diabetic. He had a car accident when he was 7 and his old owner said she didn't want to keep him as he had no tail after accident. In a fit of indignation and sympathy I took him home with me. Only to find out he can't be toilet trained. He have tried everything and spent hundreds and had behaviour experts etc in to see him. Basically he is messy and poos and wees in house. Then rubs it all in. Then has poo in his fur and rubs it in sofa and beds etc. Behaviour poeple all say it's psychological. Anyway every time I move house I have tried again, and a friend even rehomed him for a while and she could not sort it either. He also won't wash. Never ever seem him clean himself. So he is filthy and stinks. (I once washed him and he went into a shock and I rushed him to vet who said don't do it again). As a result he is outside only. He has an igloo bed in garage on raised workbench and food and water and a hot water bottle at night. But he is now diabetic. And he constantly has the sniffles and basically looks horrific. He is back and forth to vets. They say physically he is okay and just getting old etc. (And a bit mental). But I feel sooo sad for him. He is so lonely in winter and desperate for some company and sits on window ledge looking in like the little match girl sad I just don't know whether to have him go to sleep or not? I love him lots and he is such a kind cat, never scratches. He is the perfect child's pet and loves a fuss. If only he wasn't a walking germ fest. The vets won't even have him over night as he got so stressed he pooed all round his cage and rolled in it etc. Can any of you wiser cat owners advise or offer any ideas on how to improve his lot?

PolterGoose Wed 10-Feb-16 09:45:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MsMims Thu 11-Feb-16 00:42:00

Would you consider looking into a cat sanctuary that keeps long term residents? They usually have a large pen or run of the grounds and the company of the people who run the sanctuary if they'd like it.

An alternative, which I appreciate not everyone could do, would be to allocate him one room in the house that he can't mess up if he tried. Hard floors and half wall coverings that can be easily wiped down and cleaned. I have plastic type sheeting on the walls inside the shed where my rabbits live and it comes up like new after a wipe down with some cleaner. B and Q do a click together system. A tiled or vinyl floor could be mopped.

I think you're right to look into alternatives now - at his age he deserves some enjoyment and it sounds so sad that he sits looking in at you. I have some friendly cats who would be bereft at being locked out. His sniffles may clear up if he's kept nice and warm indoors.

Could you wipe him down with a baby wipe daily to keep him clean but avoid washing him?

Really sorry to hear about your predicament - I'd offer to take him myself but have a very lively household which probably wouldn't help his stress levels and am at absolute capacity with 10 cats at the moment, one of whom wasn't at all planned but I needed to get out of an awful situation a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn't have him PTS if he still enjoys a quality of life, is eating well and seems happy but it's your only a decision you can make and such a hard one at that. Hope something can be worked out one way or another.

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