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Cat tuna

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jaspercat2002 Thu 19-Nov-15 22:20:57

My two 16 year old cats (well one mainly) have become a bit of a nightmare about food lately. Nagging constantly but then barely eating any and then nagging again very quickly. Has been tested for thyroid and diabetes etc (multiple times!) but thankfully all clear. Have tried so many different foods but he is the same with them all. I think maybe a bit of cat dementia but it's not too bad yet apart from the food issues.

They have both always loved tuna but have always kept it for an occasional treat as I know they can get a bit addicted. Last week I found some Feline Fayre Cat tuna in jelly at Tesco and bought some in desperation and they love it and for the first time in ages have emptied their bowls. However it does call itself a 'supplementary' food - it's 70% tuna apparently. Does anyone know how often would be ok to give them this? They've had it twice this week and it was so nice to have a break from the nagging for an evening!

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