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New kittens

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EnjoyTheSimpleThingsInLife Sun 08-Nov-15 18:55:01

I posted last week about our lovely cat Charlie who we have very sadly lost.

But a few days ago a friend of my cousin has tried to find a home for 2 kittens who she has been looking after (she works for an animal charity)

We have decided to re-home them both, they arrived an hour ago, they are beautiful but identical sisters! grin

I sound like a mad (cat) woman now, but I feel like these kittens are a sign from Charlie, allowing us to smile again.

PolterGoose Sun 08-Nov-15 19:18:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

isseywithcats Mon 09-Nov-15 15:41:42

awww charlie will be sitting at the bridge purring because you have made a home for two babies who need a home xxx

EnjoyTheSimpleThingsInLife Mon 09-Nov-15 16:12:04

Thank you smile issey your post is lovely and has made me cry.

One of the kittens is quite similar to Charlie, the way she nudges me and likes her chin been tickled.

We only lost Charlie last Monday, and now we've got two new kittens..I was worried it was too soon but does seem like it was meant to be xx

PolterGoose Mon 09-Nov-15 16:29:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

isseywithcats Mon 09-Nov-15 16:52:57

some people take a while to get another cat some people dont we had a lady come to the centre with a car full of camping gear her cat had died just before sahe went on holiday and she said she couldnt go back to a house without a cat in it, other people who come down have waited months before being able to give another cat a home, when my garfield who was a BSh like the whiskas cat got run over it took me nearly four months before i fell for the half siamese thug Blue at the centre

iloveeverykindofcat Mon 09-Nov-15 17:34:29

Cute cute cute. A pair of little pixies. I was the same after I had to get my lovely first cat pts (he fell off a roof, had surgery, but was not recovering any movement in his back legs). I was a sobbing mess for 3 days, then that weekend the local shelter had an adoption event, and Bibi absolutely gave me no choice but to take her home. She was extremely clear and specific that I was hers. They will help you heal x

timtam23 Mon 09-Nov-15 17:45:33

They are so lovely & I'm sure Charlie would approve smile

Lolimax Mon 09-Nov-15 17:49:30

They're lovely but how on earth do you tell them apart?? We're having our 2 rescue babies in a couple of weeks and I can't wait. Enjoy your new little ones x

EnjoyTheSimpleThingsInLife Mon 09-Nov-15 20:13:27

Thanks everyone. Lolimax I have only had them since yesterday but it is impossible to tell them apart. The lady who was looking after them struggled as well. Will have to find a way to know which is which smile

It's good hearing about all your lovely cats too.

Lolimax Mon 09-Nov-15 20:53:03

You'll have to get different collars for them!

isseywithcats Tue 10-Nov-15 20:09:44

you will probably find as they get older they will grow to be different sizes or one will be fatter than the other so it does get easier

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