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Maggot soup! (don't read if about to have supper)

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RubbishMantra Wed 01-Jul-15 19:34:02

I was almost single-handedly responsible for bringing a plague of flies!

How gross is this? If you look at the second photo, you can see some of the more enterprising wrigglies trying to escape over the side.

I keep a litter tray in the garden, which they've never used once. Been there through the wet, then sunny weather with compostable litter. Took the lid off, and found a foamy, crawly maggot gravy! envy

Dumped a load of bleach in there, but DH's gone out for more. I'm currently keeping watch for any escapees, armed with a trowel. Then down the drain would you reckon?

chockbic Thu 02-Jul-15 11:48:09

Burning in the fires of Hell, more like.

Vile creatures sad

code Thu 02-Jul-15 16:50:56

Man...that is grim.

RubbishMantra Thu 02-Jul-15 19:32:37

Savoury Gravy, those vile little things STILL weren't dead after 2 bottles of bleach, and a liberal helping of sulpur, and basically any other chemical in the house!

Shan't be eating prawns for a while... sad

cozietoesie Thu 02-Jul-15 19:39:28

I'd have tipped the lot on a flower bed in the full light of day - the birds would have made short work of them.

Yeuch though!

gamerchick Thu 02-Jul-15 19:43:39

Ah the birds would have loved them. I buy them by the half pint wink

RubbishMantra Thu 02-Jul-15 23:35:33

Birds don't come in our teeny tiny dank dark space courtyard, patrolled by 2 cats though. I forgot how much birds love them. Back in the day when I used to go fishing, a little Robin would follow me along the river, screaming at me for maggots. More I fed him, the bolder he got. smile

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