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Stupid neighbours

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Teslaedison Wed 31-Dec-14 16:12:18

I have always been a 100% dog person. I have now two fluffy black cats. Now, these cats do not look like strays. I groom them, worm them, conditioning spray. THEY ARE NOT ABANDONED. Why the fuck does a neighbour think they are his cats?
My daughter had said that she has seen the cats going inside his house.

I went round there saying that we have list two fluffy 'Persian type' cats. He looked straight at me in the face and said he knew nothing about my cats. When my daughter saw him pick them up and take them in his house. He lied to my face. That is the thing which pusses me off!

I'm a dog person!!!! But I love my cats.

thornrose Wed 31-Dec-14 16:13:56

Sorry but grin That is the thing which pusses me off!

mumonashoestring Wed 31-Dec-14 16:19:41

We used to have a neighbour who had a habit of catnapping - when she started on our lovely rescue cat I knocked on her door and told her that it was lovely that she wanted to share responsibility for him and of course that meant she'd be sharing all the vets bills and the costs for the specialist food supplements he needed?

Oh, and that I would be extremely 'disappointed' (in my best mafia boss tone) if I found out that anyone had been feeding him non-prescription food or supplements.

There was nothing wrong with the little bugger, he had the constitution of an ox, but it put her off adding him to her list of conquests.

Have you had them microchipped? If he does steal them (i.e. shut them in) its the easiest way of proving ownership.

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