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Cats being harassed by cat outside

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locomotor Tue 30-Dec-14 15:45:06

My two cats, who are over a year old, are having scuffles with another local cat. A kitten really, but it is very territorial in our garden, getting between my cats and the door. Mine seem rather anxious so I'm a bit concerned having had anxious cats spray before. Anything I can do? Best to leave it up to them, or chase the intruder off? It's cuffing and chasing rather than ears back hissing.

Lifesalemon Tue 30-Dec-14 18:19:14

We had the same problem a while ago. My cat was being terrorised by a young cat from down the road who had suddenly decided he wanted our garden for himself but he was very agressive too. We even had vets bills for antibiotics as it bit him badly, twice. My poor cat was reluctant to venture outside. I squirted it a couple of times with a water pistol. It seemed to do the trick as it very rarely ventures into our garden now and my boy can enjoy lounging on his bench in peace again.

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