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3 yr old male cat getting over friendly with my dressing gown!

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springbabydays Sat 20-Dec-14 23:12:11

He's been neutered from a young age and always enjoyed a good peddle on said dressing gown. Recently he's started peddling more passionately with all four feet and chewing/sucking the dressing gown and turning round in circles so it gets all twisted up.

Just a phase? I think it's strange he's suddenly started doing it. I've owned cats most of my life and never known one do this before.

I hasten to add, I'm not actually wearing the dressing gown while this is happening!

Marshpillow Sat 20-Dec-14 23:16:35

My 7 year old boy cat does this too, he also lifts his back leg in an attempt to "mount" the dressing gown. Not sure if this this normal though! smile

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Sat 20-Dec-14 23:56:52

Morph used to hump my head in the night blush!
He was neutered but it didn't stop the feeling of long hair making him happy!

He also used to hump.. properly shag.. DS2's 'Bear in the big blue house' soft toy. I donated it to my school (where I work) in the end after a good wash as it was embarrassing to witness!!!!!!!

springbabydays Sun 21-Dec-14 06:31:43

Oh I forgot to mention the purring. Never heard such loud purrs out of him!

Thanks for sharing your stories they made me giggle grin Medusa the head humping is hilarious, sorry! I suspected my boy wouldn't be the only one who behaved this way, and I suppose I just need to let him get on with it.

RubbishMantra Sun 21-Dec-14 13:46:26

BOTH my cats do this! MCat is particularly fond of my fluffy onesie, biting and doing the circles thing. He's actually attempted to assault the onesie with me in it. sad MKittten likes humping his bed, which is up on a radiator hammock. Sometimes he gets a bit too enthusiastic, and he falls off. And yes, the LOUD purring! To me it sounds a bit like heavy breathing! grin

springbabydays Sun 21-Dec-14 19:05:52

Hahaha! Know what you mean. I get conflicted feelings about this. On one hand it's cute, but on the other, makes me feel a tad uncomfortable! confused

loraflora Wed 24-Dec-14 15:38:44

My (girl) cat likes to knead and suck on fluffy fleecy dressing gown sometimes while purring madly. No humping though!

TheCatsFlaps Fri 26-Dec-14 02:06:25

Perfectly normal behaviour - the cowper's and prostate glands are still left in the male which can still make sex pleasurable.

My wee cat who has passed on from this life took an unhealthy interest in our male kitten. In the, I was worried he was some kind of paedocat, lol

wtffgs Fri 26-Dec-14 10:26:41

DTabby shags assorted soft toys and the sofa throw. I'd read somewhere that it was stress-related (he was neutered as a kitten).

I'd be happy if he wasn't stressed, even if it is somewhat embarrassing!blush

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