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Labour clues...

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GREYCROW Sat 20-Dec-14 22:54:42

Rescued a dumped cat (pretty much kitten) Seemed very pregnant when I took her but she was very thin and small. Pregnancy confirmed by vet who said she was less than half way... Approx 3 weeks ago. Sooo... Another 2 weeks or so? She's filling out now so it's hard to judge and I'm panicking that she will have trouble/birth everywhere... Without me being prepared.

fenneltea Sun 21-Dec-14 07:30:37

I took in a stray cat a few years ago that was heavily pregnant, she had four kittens three days later, she had them during the night and they were found in different spots in the room while she called of them (very noisily!). We got a box, put warm blankets in and put the kittens in, she got straight in and started nursing them with us present (she was feral)

I think keeping her confined to one room and giving her a cosy box with plenty of food water and a litter tray she will simply get on with things herself and you'll know once she is in labour.

She's a lucky cat to have found you. smile

GREYCROW Sun 21-Dec-14 09:20:05

She's absolutely lovely and came at a good time for me... My nephew found her in a sealed box in a ditch, poor kitty.

She has the run of the house at the moment as she seems to want to be with me. Should I stop this?

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 21-Dec-14 10:08:32

No, let her have the run of the house. She was sealed in a box so probably won't want to be shut in again.

fenneltea Sun 21-Dec-14 13:56:33

Oh poor thing, no I couldn't shut her in one room if she's wanting to be with you after going through that. There are some awful people about. sad

I'm sure she'll find a suitable spot if she has a bed available she'll probably use it. I hope all goes well.

RubbishMantra Sun 21-Dec-14 14:04:56

You could make a den for her, a nice big pile of old towels and blankets, doesn't mean she'll use it mind, but she might. If she's bonded to you, which it sounds like, she'll probably seek you out and become very vocal when she goes into labour.

Found in a sealed box sad angry Thank goodness she has you now.

GREYCROW Sun 21-Dec-14 18:33:40

She has a hooded bed.. but sleeps with me on mine. Which is fine... Company for me and her. My hands aren't very thankful though!! Or my Christmas tree and gifts.

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