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2 Burmese coming!

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code Sun 02-Nov-14 18:14:13

just to update, we have reserved 2 Lilac Burmese brothers from a very good breeder. I spoke with the breeder a couple of times then spent a couple of hours with the boys and their parents at their home and will collect them in 2 weeks when they will be 14 weeks old. They've just had their second jabs and microchip. Mum is still feeding them, she is very sweet. They were delightful, really inquisitive and fun and <touch wood> get on very well. Am excited and scared. It's been 20 years since I had an elderly moggie and I've never had a kitten (although had dogs from pups).

I guess I'm prepared- have food, beds, large cat tree tigga tower, lots of bowls, 2 litter trays and same litter as breeder, automatic cat feeder for when I'm at work (PT), toys inc flying frenzies and catnip teddies. Have cupboard locks and blocked up fireplace and covers for leather chairs. Have booked protect a puss garden proofing for January and will get catflap installed afterwards. Have 10 days off work to settle them in. Just need to decide which room to contain them in when we're out of the house and to put netting around the staircase to stop them falling. Insurance is chosen.

Sadly our elderly (2.7 years) hamster (only other indoor pet- we have rabbits outside) has decided to die, his breathing is laboured and he's cold. This has really upset me, DH and poor DD.

Will post some piccies when they arrive of course.

juneybean Sun 02-Nov-14 21:22:56

Oooh lovely! A pair of brothers will be great fun!

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