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Are we being adopted?

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OkyDoke Thu 21-Aug-14 14:53:36

So, my partner and I have a couple of rescued cats. They are now in and out of the house through the cat flap through the day and not so much the night.

However, in our neighbourhood there is a little white and ginger cat who keeps coming in our cat flap. Our cats are not remotely bothered. But last night it came in during the night and couldn't get back out. It keeps eating their biscuits (cleaning the bowls very nicely) and a couple of times there has been wee accidents on one their couches. Been blaming ours, but perhaps it's our new little friend?

Anyway... are we being adopted do you think? I don't know who it belongs to... always seems hungry. Should we just let it happen? I'm not against it at all but it's just a little unknown and strange to me. It's obviously not going to stop as it uses our cat flap and knows our house now!

Any advice?

IScreamForIceCream Thu 21-Aug-14 15:04:36

Might be a Six Dinner Sid?

I've read (on here), about paper collars that you can print off and attach to mystery cat, to ascertain whether it has another owner.

Hold on, will have a quick google...

IScreamForIceCream Thu 21-Aug-14 15:09:21

There is a link on that page to a pdf with collar that you can put your details on, then attach to cat.

That way if it does have a owner, they will know that it is visiting, and hopefully make contact.

Does it seem in good nick?

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