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new cats/kittens questions

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HelloBoys Wed 26-Mar-14 13:51:26

My beloved cat died just about a month ago I think and I'm now looking to get another cat or 2 (as I had 2 before). So I have some Qs:-

* If I get 2 cats should they be sisters/brothers as I had brother and sister and apart from when young, they fought like hell, at least she always hissed at him every time he walked past! he liked her...

* Rescue cats - v - kittens? pros/cons? seen some gorgeous rescues on sites.

* should I ask vet re kittens? they're a good vet may know of local pregnant cats.

* I live alone but neighbour or my mum will pop in to see them at lunch to feed them lunch and check, that will be ok won't it?

anything else? thanks.

SelectAUserName Wed 26-Mar-14 14:01:24

If you're bringing two cats into a cat-free home, I'd recommend rescues every time. Most rescues will have a couple of cats who would prefer to be rehomed together.

Other than missing out on kitten cuteness, I can think of no cons associated with taking on rescue cats, and the massive feelgood factor that comes with knowing you have given two needy cats a good home makes up for a lot of kitten-cuteness-lacking.

You might find your cats will be fine without a lunchtime visit (unless you're out of the house for 18 hours every day or similar!) Mine have always been fine being fed morning and night. It would be different with a single cat but a pair should be fine with each other's company - they sleep for about 16 hours a day anyway.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 26-Mar-14 16:50:39

My current cat has set me against having another kitten.

I'd go for a pair of rescue adults.

FreckledLeopard Wed 26-Mar-14 16:52:51

I think rescue adults (already bonded) might be a good idea. We have a brother and sister cat who we got when they were kittens, and generally they spend their time fighting, growling and attacking each other hmm. A nice, calm, loving pair of grown up cats might be worth thinking about!

Also - my cats are left home alone all day. They have a cat flap. They're fine!

HelloBoys Thu 27-Mar-14 13:57:54

Thanks for all the help.

The only scenario (and have seen it) when getting kittens would be to get ones from abandoned pregnant cat (seen adverts for that how awful).

I did have problems with other cats coming into house before through cat flap so will look into ones with magnets etc on collars for my own cats.

I'll also see about the lunch thing too... I think when they got older they both had undiagnosed kidney problems (until they got v sick) and were more hungry so I ended up giving lunch then.

The rescue adults (already bonded) does sound good too. Poor things its torture looking through websites as I get so upset as the poor moggies pull at my heartstrings!!!

itsnothingoriginal Thu 27-Mar-14 18:43:55

You'll probably be encouraged to adopt 2 kittens if you go to a rescue. I did adopt a single kitten but was a struggle to convince them that we really couldn't take 2 cats!!

Kittens are hard work and definitely easier to adopt older cats unless you're around a lot at home. I leave kibbles out for my cat if I'm out - she's fine with those until I get back. She has a mixture of wet and dry food as I know only dry isn't great for kidneys long term.

Sorry about your cat sad hope you find another cat/cats soon

HelloBoys Fri 28-Mar-14 18:26:51

itsnothing thanks for this.

The only reason I'm erring on side of kittens is I had my 2 cats as kittens about 17 years ago (but one lived to about 13). They were a present to me from brother's girlfriend who had a pregnant cat they rescued who had 2 litters of kittens (cats can carry 2 pregnancies?) - my mum had 2 and I had 2.

That's sort of why mum/neighbour would pop by now but I'd take a week or few days off work for them if kittens anyway!

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