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Should I take my cat to the vets

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fairyhellokitty Wed 05-Mar-14 17:30:02

He is 14 years old has been under our bed for 24 hours hasn't eaten or been outside
Hv just given him wet under bed and water

Corestrategy Wed 05-Mar-14 18:01:35

Yes. This happened to my cat and when I took him to the vet it turned out he had a blocked bladder which can be fatal very quickly.

fairyhellokitty Wed 05-Mar-14 18:09:56

Have an appointment tonite

Jenda Wed 05-Mar-14 19:09:26

Hope he is ok

fairyhellokitty Wed 05-Mar-14 20:19:14

He is being kept in overnite has a temp of 40.5 so an infection
They r putting him on a driphmm

cozietoesie Wed 05-Mar-14 20:26:56

Could he have injured himself in some way ? eg car/cat fight etc ? He must be feeling rotten because that hiding away in the dark behaviour (for an established cat) is generally the sign of a pretty sick animal.

Best of luck to him anyway. Let us know how he gets on.

fairyhellokitty Thu 06-Mar-14 16:21:08

Keeping him in tonite too
Temp has gone down to 39 still not eating

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