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8 months kitten weeing on our duvet or dogs bed

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Hestermf Thu 18-Apr-13 17:01:12

Our 8 month old kitten keeps weeing on our bed or on the dogs bed. She was fine with no accidents until we put the litter tray outside and she uses it 50% of the time but then its as though she can't be bothered and then just wee's in the house. My issues are:

Getting her to wee out side at all times! NOt on our things
Getting her to not have to rely on the litter tray outside but to just use outside - she will only go in the litter tray she won't just go out in the garden.

I adore her, and she's the 3rd cat I've had, but I've never had this much hassle with house training!

Any advice please shes driving me mad!


cozietoesie Thu 18-Apr-13 17:07:16

Bring the litter tray inside again. She doesn't like going outside to do her duty. (Some cats don't.) Is there some reason you won't have a tray in the house?

Mockingcurl Thu 18-Apr-13 17:14:50

My cat was like this. I thought he was never going to be toilet trained. At one stage he took to weeing up the living room curtains. I moved his litter tray outside and he completely ignored it.
Eventually I worked out that he liked to wee indoors and only in a very clean litter tray. When the summer came I put his litter tray in the kitchen by the open back door. He was a year old when he got the hang on weeing outside. Don't give up, just go at your cat's pace.

cozietoesie Thu 18-Apr-13 17:27:49

That's good thinking Mockingcurl - putting it inside but by the open door. Might well work with a number of cats.


Hestermf Thu 18-Apr-13 17:29:00

The reason for not wanting the litter tray in the house is that I have 2 year old who wants to put her hands in it etc the whole time. Its even a covered litter tray but she won't leave it alone. The dog also trys to get her head in the litter! Also I really don't want to do a litter tray for the next 15 years! I've always had cats who just use the garden - that's just the way I prefer it!!

Hestermf Thu 18-Apr-13 17:34:50

The litter tray lives just outside the back door so that she can litterally step through the cat flap and straight in to the litter tray - but as you say perhaps its just letting her get used to it.

catsmother Thu 18-Apr-13 17:42:42

Don't give up just yet - yes, problems at 8 months might be uncommon but not entirely unknown. Mockingcurl's suggestion is a good one you can try with summer coming up (hopefully).

There might be a number of reasons why she doesn't like going outside. If there are neighbouring cats who sometimes appear in your garden for example, it might make her feel vulnerable and therefore reluctant. Alternatively, depending on what style your garden is, she might not like the "facilities" - e.g. if you have lots of close planting, she might feel there isn't enough places to dig and go - if she's particularly fastidious, she'd therefore be unhappy about returning to the same places. If you're able to, you might consider trying to keep a patch of flowerbed free from planting (and bark, stones, etc) and ensure it's covered with lots of soft earth. I've done that in the past as I was fed up at finding half buried poo all over the place when I was gardening - but with a dedicated patch, a giant outdoor litter tray if you like, was somewhere I knew to avoid - and warn the kids about - and I'd semi-regularly clear it up with a trowel - and flush down the loo, and then top up with a fresh layer of earth (kept a bag of top soil) so it wasn't smelly or anything. I did that to encourage the cats to use my garden instead of the neighbours but that sort of arrangement might also appeal to any fastidious cat.

deliasmithy Thu 18-Apr-13 20:18:45

I have a litter tray with hood and flap.
I attached the flap and was given several protest poos on the floor next to the tray. I prefer poo in the tray so flap is off. I lost this battle.

The only other time I had random weeing was when we moved the water bowl, this traumatised her royal felineness and led to her having a wee infection. Her straining to wee on the sofa and my bed was her way of letting me see she was unwell.

Hestermf Thu 18-Apr-13 22:03:59

Thank you all for advice & suggestions i will keep trying to encourage her that outside is best!

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