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Moving home/toilet help please!

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crazybutterflylady Tue 01-Jan-13 21:42:36

Not really, the house is all open plan and I also have an 19mo wandering round. The poos are reeeeally stinky too! Just concerned how it will pan out long-term really if we keep the litter now. Maybe when it gets warmer they can explore more if we spend more time making the garden smell of us?

cozietoesie Tue 01-Jan-13 21:06:19

It looks like the other cats are an issue. They like to feel safe when they're doing their duty so I reckon you're stuck with the tray for the time being, I'm afraid. Is there really not a spare corner somewhere out of the way?

crazybutterflylady Tue 01-Jan-13 20:51:42

I thought I had this sorted but we are back to using the litter tray 6 weeks after we moved sad

Even the bold outdoors cat is using it and he never would normally. He's not going out much either, even if we try to go out in the garden with him. He'll have a sniff around and then come back in. There are a few cats around the new house which I guess could be the issue. At the old house he was out pretty much all day and getting into fights with other cats, so I didnt think the other cats here would be an issue.

Any ideas how we go about resolving this? I am 8m pregnant and could do with getting shot of the litter tray as there's nowhere to put it which is out of the way.

RedwingWinter Tue 04-Dec-12 19:21:44

She's still settling in. Why not keep the litter tray for now, until she feels more comfortable going outside.

crazybutterflylady Tue 04-Dec-12 11:34:22

We have recently moved house. It's the second time we have moved with the cats and the first time they were fine. The move went well but there are a few other cats in the neighbourhood. Our tom will be fine with this as he is a bit of a bruiser and used to marking his territory. Our girl cat is, however, a bit skittish and sensitive. She has been out a few times and is getting on with the cat flap ok (we have invested in a microchip one after other cats were breaking into our last house!)...but she is peeing in the bathroom!

This is where we'd kept the litter tray whilst they were settling in as we kept them in the house for a good week so they didn't run off. Can anyone help please? Any ideas for how to get her to go outside again? Without sounding daft she's always been a bit precious about going to the toilet and sometimes DH has to take her out into the garden before she feels comfortable enough to go!


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