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Kittens weeing on my bed!

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porridgewithalmondmilk Fri 02-Nov-12 20:06:24


I have two kittens and one old man and one of the kittens keeps weeing on my bed! grin

They do use the litter tray and while I can shut them out of my bedroom fairly easily I feel a bit guilty. I live in a three bedroomed terraced property and my room is the only one facing the sun and the old cat likes to lie in there (away from the kittens!) and snooze in the sun.

Is there any way I can encourage the kittens to not do this?

Weirdly, in the other two rooms there are beds but the kittens do not wee on them. grin


MoonlightandBonefires Fri 02-Nov-12 23:22:57

Hmm - could be a slight stress incontinence/UTI and he / she is weeing on your bed because it's comfortable as it smells of you (and the old man!)?

When our younger one was very little, he used to do this all the time, and the vet said that it was a UTI brought on by the stress of being somewhere unfamiliar when he was too young (we got him because some piece of scum through him out of a moving car on a dual carriageway in a paper bag at around four/five weeks old and, fortunately, our vet was walking along as they did it and saw the bag moving...)

What are you feeding them ATM? I know if there is any possibility of UTI, then a diet of more wet than dry food will help.

If not that then it's possible the kitten is trying to take over the older cat's 'territory'. One of ours goes through fits of this, but without weeing smile (although in this case it's the older one shoving the younger one around).

cozietoesie Sat 03-Nov-12 06:58:46

Sounds as if you only have one litter tray? If so, I'd go for at least one more and be fanatical about the cleaning. He may not like a too-used tray.

(There will be a certain amount of 'peeing where it smells nice as well, likely. EG - your smell is nice. Keep washing that bed linen.)

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