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We seem to have been adopted by two cats

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Splinterbottom Fri 02-Sep-11 20:38:32

I know very little about cats so wanted advice on what to do and if this is 'normal'.

We've had two cats, a ginger one and a black one, sitting in our garden on our back doorstep since Tuesday evening. Every time one of us goes into the kitchen they meow and scratch at the door trying to get in. They can't be strays, they have collars on (no identity tags) and look quite sleek and healthy. They are literally here all the time - including overnight I think - I was downstairs at 1.30am with a teething toddler and they were still there.

They snuck in while we were out in the garden yesterday, one curled up on the (clean) washing pile, I had to trace the other one upstairs to my DD's bedroom.

Otherwise I've kept them outside and I've resisted feeding them until tonight when I cracked and put some food down for them (now thinking this was the wrong thing to do after reading the 'my neighbour misappropriated my cat' thread blush.)

In the nicest possible way, how do I get rid of them? I don't want to be adopted, beautiful as they are. I don't know who they belong to and it seems wrong to call the RSPCA when they obviously belong to someone?

Teds77 Fri 02-Sep-11 20:56:34

Their owners might be on hols and they are just seeking out a bit of love? My boys bug my neighbours for cuddles when we go away (we do have a catsitter though so they do get fed). Might be worth knocking on a few doors and seeing if anyone knows who they belong to?

Splinterbottom Fri 02-Sep-11 22:35:43

Thanks Teds, that would make sense. You'd think they'd be go home occasionally though, surely their owners will have made arrangements for them to get fed. They definitely don't belong to any of the people on our street, and I've never seen them before in a year of living here. I suppose they could have come from the estate behind us.

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