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We have 3 young cats and I am planning to get a dog - need advice

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kayah Fri 29-Jul-11 12:57:19

Is it possible to teach those 3 to not only accept a dog but also to like him smile

Are there any books I can read or techniques to follow?

i would prefer medium or smaller dog as our house isn't too big.
I think Iwill opt for a rescue dog, but would hate the idea of them hating each others.

Cats are age 6-9 months, all female, indoor cats for now but am planning to start letting them out after their ops.

Ormirian Fri 29-Jul-11 13:05:21

Well good luck! grin

We have recently adopted an 11m olf lab/collie cross. He is gently and affectionate. But has not had a good first month with our 3yr old cats hmm He doesn't hurt them - he has never got near enough - but when they seem him they tend to run and when they run he tends to chase sad We are hoping they will get calmer and he will find them boring enough to ignore but I don't think they will ever be mates.

Incidentally next doors kitten has trounced Harley several times recently. Hisses and chases him. The dog is 5 times his size grin If our mogs would stand up to him I think we'd be fine. Yours are still young enough maybe.

kayah Fri 29-Jul-11 13:15:07

When I was still in primary school we got a pup first and then a kitten.
They both were firm friends, shared his kennel and in the end she gave birth to her 3 kittens in that kennel smile

RedwingWinter Fri 29-Jul-11 18:59:53

If you get a rescue dog, you might be able to get one that has lived with cats before. Then it will already know how to behave around them. Even if it hasn't lived with cats, they will test it with cats to see if it will be okay.

Will you be able to keep an area where the cats can go but the dog can't get to, maybe using a pet gate that the cats can still go through? Then the cats will always have somewhere they can go if they want to get away from the dog.

The cats will also appreciate if there is somewhere high up they can get in the rooms where the dog will live (such as on top of a tall piece of furniture or a cat tree).

kayah Fri 29-Jul-11 22:32:20

thanks for that advice RedwingWinter

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