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fostering pregnant stray although moving house

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JohnStuartMills Tue 26-Jul-11 22:27:24

Put this on another thread by mistake, so now in it's own thread.

Just wanted some ideas. I was away for a few days with my son. En route, we stopped at a historic house and met a young female tortie who looked preggers. She did not have collar and was a bit dirty but thought she may have been fed by cafe people on site and that's why she hung around there. As were still on holiday and had some distance to travel I didn't make any enquiries about her but we checked on way back a couple of days later. In the meantime, lady in cafe had called vet about her as she had developed bloody paw.

The vet took her in but couldn't vaccinate her as she was pregnant. They contacted a cat protection society who were going to find foster family as she couldn't go to sanctuary cos unvaccinated. We called to vet to see cat as my son was very eager to take her. We are moving country in approx. 4 weeks. There is no way I could foster her, is there. Feel crap for walking away from her in first place. It's the worst time for something like this. Should I ring them. Have a vaccinated, neutered very chilled male cat at home.

LittleJennyRobyn Wed 27-Jul-11 15:35:16

If You are moving country in four weeks then i wouldn't advise fostering, as she needs somewhere settled and quiet for the rest of her pg and for at least 8 weeks after she has the kittens minimum.

I imagine things are going to be pretty hectic at yours in the meantime.

If she is at the vets then she is in good hands as they will have a list of charities/foster carers that have been approved and i'm sure they will find a suitable place for her.

Dont feel crap about it as it just shows you care but now is probably not the right time.

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