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Stinky poo!

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Vajazzler Wed 29-Jun-11 06:31:25

My kittens came to me being fed on tesco own brand dry food so I have continued to feed them on this with some of the sciencediet that the vet recommended mixed in.
However they do the stinkiest poos I have ever encountered!
Someone on another thread mentioned James wellbeloved I think as a food that produces non stinky poo. Do many of you use this? Is it a wet/dry food? Is there any other foods that have the same effect?

ThistleWhistle Wed 29-Jun-11 14:27:28

My kittens were on James Wellbeloved and they did the stinkiest poos ever. We used the dry food, chicken flavour. It was the only one we could use for our kittens though as one of them had a sensitive tummy and anything else tended to give him the runs.

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