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Pet insurance? We're getting a kitten! *squees with excitement*

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Stropzilla Tue 21-Jun-11 10:50:07

Hiya! We're getting a new little boy, a lovely fluffy little thing. It's been a while since I've had a cat, let alone an actual kitten as I have normally rescued in the past. I was wondering if I could ask who you all use for insurance? There's so many options, and I'm so confused!

I promise to post pics of my lovely new boy.

CherryMonster Tue 21-Jun-11 11:13:05

i have just insured my 2 rabbits, kitten and dog with pets at home. you get a 5% discount for insuring more than one animal, another 5% discount for doing it online, and pets at home vouchers for each animal you insure, £10 for a rabbit, £12 for a cat and £20 for a dog, so i have got £52 of vouchers to spend in store.

Stropzilla Tue 21-Jun-11 12:59:54

nice one, thank you for that.

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