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So how many cats do you have? I feel like the mad cat woman!

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jazee Sat 13-Nov-10 07:45:17

Hi everyone, I really do feel like the mad cat women. We have always had 2 cats, but for some silly reason we got a kitten last summer, So then we had 3. With 3 kids 3 guinea pigs and 3 cats, that was ok.
Then we thought it would be great for our cat to have kittens - the ds would love it - they did - what a wonderful experience it was. We had to keep one though - the gorgeous grey tom and he really is adorable. But mummy cat is so naughty now and overly affectionate. She would wake me by pawing my face, licking my eyes[shut ones obviously!] and rubbing her gums around my mouth - oh dear - very smelly! If I hid under the duvet she would swipe me under the duvet with her sharp paw. She is very hyper and her and her little boy are partners in crime - dashing madly around the house. But worst of all she still uses the litter tray as kitty needs it so its there. BUT worse than that she misses the litter tray most of the time as she hangs her bum over the edge!blush
I am paranoid my house smells so go over the top with cleaning!
My 2 older cats are so calm and lovely. Sometimes wish we hadn't decided to get more. My carpets around the door are becoming frayed at the door frame. We try and keep all doors open - but that doesn't always work.
Would love to hear your stories.

BelleDameSansMerci Sat 13-Nov-10 07:53:34

My story is very similar to yours... I have two older (Maine Coon) cats who are calm, placid and very even tempered. They are 10 years old. DD is 3. Neither cat has ever bitten or scratched her despite extreme provocation. They are the most adorable cats. Last summer I heard of a kitten who needed a home. I thought it would be nice for DD to have a kitten, etc. So now the two older cats' lives are made a misery by the maddest cat ever. She charges around like some sort of missile; is into everything; steals food (the others never do this unless it's marmite on toast); lies in wait for unsuspecting ankles; and is generally a right pain. She bites and scratches at will and I'm convinced she's part feral. <sigh>

I have always assumed I will end up as a mad old cat woman (I sort of regard it as inevitable) but I've been rethinking it lately.

SecretNutellaFix Sat 13-Nov-10 08:01:01

I have two, but want more. We live in a small house and ours are house cats. There is no way we could cope! Litter trays for a startgrin

marriedandlookingforcake Sat 13-Nov-10 19:47:49

Covered litter tray essential, the cat can't hang over and miss then.
My family call me the mad cat woman but I only have two. Oh and the neighbour's cat that tries to move in whenever they're on holiday, or at work even.
And the one that turned up last week, obviously lost, hungry and lonely. But we did find out where he lived and took him home.

sazm Wed 17-Nov-10 21:34:14

haha i must be really mad then we have 7 cats and one kitten atm,also a dog a guinea pig and 3 kids lol,

LadyOfTheFlowers Wed 17-Nov-10 21:35:49

My mum is a 'mad cat woman' - she has 5.

(2 of which are mine that I left when I left home for various reasons, but I do pay her 'cat maintenance' might I add! )

sazm Thu 18-Nov-10 10:45:22

lol @ 'cat maintenance'

Dillie Thu 18-Nov-10 12:59:47

I have 3 - one aged 5 and 8 month old and her baby of 9 weeks (RSPCA rescue)

My husband was hmm when I said that we were getting mum too, but I love them all to bits!

So in my house I have 1 kid, 3 gerbils, 3 cats and the husband .. who is far higher maintenance than the others put together! grin

EnnisDelMar Thu 18-Nov-10 13:04:47

Wow at OP, and sazm - 7!!!

We only have one dear cat, she was our first 'family' pet, but then we got three rabbits, and two guinea pigs and then a load of chickens.

twelve pets.

At least none of them requires a WALK in this horrid weather.

sazm Thu 18-Nov-10 13:48:29

haha,we stay on a farm in the middle of nowhere lol,so we get away with it,wouldnt have that many if i stayed in town,mine love all weather and are mostly outside (apart from the kitten) but come in at night time.

ClaireDeLoon Thu 18-Nov-10 14:03:55

I have two, my old cat had to be pts on Monday so obviously before that it was 3.

I think I'd take on another but only an older cat not a kitten. Kittens are cute and squishy cuddlesome but I keep thinking of how hard it is to rehome older cats.

But no more just yet.

puddytats Thu 18-Nov-10 14:08:52

I have 8 and would dearly love more but DH has said no sad. I have 4 rescue and 4 from family. I always get them in pairs as i like to think they stay close!!

My oldest 2 are getting on now though and i really don't think kittens would be a kind thing for them to have to get used to again. I want to win the lottery so i can have hundreds!!

mankyscotslass Thu 18-Nov-10 14:16:36

I have 2 and have had 3 in the past.

I would have more now but it wouldn't be fair to inflict DS2 on a kitten or new cat!

If one of our two dies, we will get 2 kittens though.

MrsvWoolf Thu 18-Nov-10 14:22:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaurieScaryCake Thu 18-Nov-10 14:26:42

I have 3 - had a fourth but my lovely old girl (17.5 years) had to to be put to sleep last week.

I've not even been able to post about her as I've been too sad sad

I had her since the year I left university so nearly half my life. Before my first husband even.

ClaireDeLoon Thu 18-Nov-10 14:40:40

Laurie I'm sorry, have just been through it myself so know how you feel.

MassiveKnob Thu 18-Nov-10 14:47:50

laurie sad

was in your shoes earlier this year.

of course we now have 2 more as a result of losing one smile

MassiveKnob Thu 18-Nov-10 14:48:02

and claire sad

LaurieScaryCake Thu 18-Nov-10 14:49:13

Claire and Massive - thanks and sad for your losses.

BarkAtTheMoon Fri 19-Nov-10 19:37:55

Yep, it's so sad to loose a cat. My first cat died about 8 years ago. Got her when I was a student and she was an unwanted cat. So very timid when she came to live with me. But became the most loving cat ever and went through everything with me...if I was down or sad she would cuddle up and understand. She lived to a good old age of 18, we call the brightest star in the sky after her - Polly. So when the brightest star is visible we still mention her now. Two of my children came to love her. I now have a cat from a refuge called Mango and she is very much like Polly - think she may have been neglected, but she is so affectionate and cuddles up on the sofa with me every night.
And so do Jasmine and Gizmo [mother and son]. Our black cat Rocky is so big but so timid - we have renamed him ScaredyCat.

sharbie Fri 19-Nov-10 19:42:44

3 cats 1 dog here

DizzyIzzyLizzy Fri 19-Nov-10 20:26:55

Four fantastic feline friends here! Love them all grin

CarGirl Fri 19-Nov-10 20:30:51

2 cats that are so loving and affectionate that is more than enough, sometimes I can't move because I'm so busy being loved hmm

ClaireDeLoon Sun 21-Nov-10 18:53:02

I'm jealous CarGirl, my current two just aren't lapcats. They will sit beside me, accept strokes and purr at me but never cuddle up.

BendyBob Sun 21-Nov-10 19:22:19

We now have two boys and love them to bitssmile Don't think I could manage any more though - the flea drops alone for them cost a bomb.

A tip re the litter tray. Mine kick all the litter out and/or occasionally miss the target and makes a lovely messhmm.

To contain any accidents I put the litter tray inside a larger deep plastic box (like a storage box). They seem to manage this ok and it saves buying one of those expensive covered over litter boxes.

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