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Your child's thoughts on the countryside

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kaiserfranzgirl Tue 18-Mar-14 19:52:23

Hi everyone,

I am studying design with the Open University and wondered if anyone could ask their children these questions for me?

They only need to be short answers.

(Under 18s only please.)

Thank you very much!

1) What do you enjoy doing in the countryside?

2) Do you like looking for wildlife?

3) Which type or types of wildlife do you like best? Insects (e.g pond creatures, butterflies, grasshoppers), birds (e.g ducks, garden birds, birds of prey) , mammals (e.g squirrels, rabbits, foxes), or amphibians (e.g frogs, newts)?

4) Do you like looking for plants, flowers and fungi?

5) What would make going to the countryside more fun?

6) Would you enjoy using an information board that had buttons to press, levers to move or handles to turn?

7) Do you like using nets, buckets, magnifying pots etc. to interact with wildlife?

8) If you could bring anything home from the countryside what would it be?

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