1st Season...swollen mammary glands

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Poorpup Sun 06-Sep-20 20:29:27

DDog stopped bleeding three weeks ago (first season, 10 months old, Heinz 57) but her mammary glands are still very swollen. The upper nipples are the worst. I was waiting to see if they went down but they haven't. She doesn't react when they're touched but over the last week and a half she's started to become reactive to other dogs. Not sure if the two are connected. She's fine with her normal doggie friends on walks, and before she'd try to befriend any dog she came across but now she's started to bark and lunge at unfamiliar dogs. She's usually incredibly submissive so this is a real change.

She's definitely not pregnant and I'll be ringing the vets in the morning but I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight? She's also sitting on my knee more, as if she's seeking out comfort. When she starts barking aggressively I've been standing in front of her to block her view and stroking her and she calms very quickly. Fortunately she's very small (westie size) so I'm able to do this. Any ideas anyone?

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StillMedusa Sun 06-Sep-20 21:03:00

I'm no expert but it sounds like she could be having a phantom pregnancy to me.
Mine became reactive during her (2nd) season (turned into a hell hound from being normally friendly to dogs) and 3 weeks on is gradually improving slowly, though I am having to be cautious with her. But her nipples are normal and her vulva has shrunk again.
I reckon a quick trip to the vets will comfirm it's hormones!

Poorpup Mon 07-Sep-20 16:56:44

Thanks for the reply! I spoke to the vet and he's confident that it's her hormones that have set her off kilter. We've agreed to watch and wait for a couple of weeks to give her hormones some time to settle and I'm taking her in if they haven't. Also booked her in to be spayed early December, I'll be pleased for her to get that out the way. Fingers crossed things will calm down over the next few weeks. Bloody dogs and kids eh? Who'd have them? me, and then worry about them endlessly

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StillMedusa Mon 07-Sep-20 20:01:40

Glad the vet thinks it's hormones. Honestly mine had a complete personality transplant..from 'please play with me' to 'Growl lunge , get away or I'll eat you'!!
She's improving slowly but is still not particularly pleased to see other dogs yet so we are having quiet walks and inplementing a rapid reward...sees a dog..I literally shovel tiny treats into her until they are out of sight, then stop. so that dog= good things. She managed a walk with her (previous) best friend today and was moderately pleasant so I think we are on the way up.

Mine is also getting spayed in December... I'm not going through it again!!!!

Poorpup Mon 07-Sep-20 20:19:12

Is it wrong that I'm kind of pleased you're experiencing similar?! Strangely enough I took her out tonight, pocket full of smelly treats and the first dog we bump into was the one who she went mental at the other day. To my surprise she was waggy tailed and submissive. I apologised profusely to the owner for the other day and explained she was out of sorts, the owner told me her dog was exactly the same too and every time she has a season it knocks her off her perch. The rest of the walk was uneventful so I don't want to be too optimistic but I'm hopeful. Sounds like your ddog is turning a corner too. That spay can't come soon enough!

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ChickenDinnerChecky Mon 07-Sep-20 20:52:22

Ooh this is timely, my 11 month old is the exact same. Season was a bit longer ago but suddenly swollen nipples and aggressive behaviour. We are asking a behaviouralist for some advice.

Sniffypup Mon 07-Sep-20 20:54:31

Our vet told us that all dogs have the same hormones for 9 weeks post season as they would if they were pregnant. Ours was really jumpy and out of sorts the whole time.


StillMedusa Mon 07-Sep-20 21:56:39

That's really interesting Sniffypup and makes sense. So hopefully in 6 weeks my girl will be back to her normal self...!!!! (as long as we don't have a phantom pregnancy!!!!)

Poorpup Tue 08-Sep-20 17:54:53

Well mine has been moody today, however she did manage to get a twig stuck across the roof of her mouth. My Dad dropped her off this morning after her walk and told me he thought she'd 'eaten a wasp' and then casually left. After some reluctance to let me look, and my reluctance to try mini dog surgery, I managed to free it quite easily. Poor thing was covered in saliva (& fox poo, if my dad didn't love her so much he'd be banned from puppy sitting duties). She's now mithering for her evening walk so I'm hoping it's uneventful. Nipples are still very swollen but it's good to hear others experiences, I was so alarmed and was worried we were heading for behaviourists and all sorts.

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