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Paranoidmarvin Fri 14-Aug-20 21:24:57

I would be very concerned at getting a dog that did their first few months during lock down. There is no way they have been socialised properly. After having a nervous dog I would never have another one that wasn’t socialised during those vital weeks.

Beagle26 Fri 14-Aug-20 15:44:52

Some good points here. I read a FB post for our area saying that local rescues are full. I think that I will check and also good idea about KC registered breeder. If not, then I will wait a few months when ( sadly) dogs will have been dumped. Should be more regulated. The old dog is normally v active and will be fine with a pup/ rescue at the moment - but by next year she may well have become creakier, and crankier. Once you own two dogs it is like being on a treadmill. Our younger dog ( dog no 3) was purchased 4 months after we lost our first dog, in order to keep our second dog company ( and us). She, dog no 2, pined for several weeks - went off her food, did not want her walks. To think that I never wanted a dog ( pressurised by children) and now I just love them. They help you through life’s vicissitudes!

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Ohjustboreoff Fri 14-Aug-20 14:06:14

Research the breed you want, if you do want pedigree, and get your name down with a register KC breeder. A true breeder will not over charge you for a puppy. But with so many people furloughed unscrupulous greeder (Not breeders, see what I did there!) are inflating prices as so many people want a puppy at the moment. Around Christmas when everyone is back at work or out of work the rescues will be full of young dogs that have been dumped because people have resumed their lives.
My pup is 2 years old and KC registered and bought for £1,100, I would expect my next pup to be @£1,400 maybe. But I've just seen a same breed non KC registered pup for £2,750 and I thought that was astronomical.
If you want a puppy go to a registered breeder and wait for a reasonable priced pup, if you just want a puppy now then you'll have to pay any price or if you don't mind a young dog wait for a rescue. Good luck.

LunaFortuna Fri 14-Aug-20 13:47:29

I think any decent breeder is likely to have a longer waiting list than a rescue (not sure I've ever seen a rescue place with a waiting list). The exploitation of puppies during lockdown is horrendous and I really wish there was some regulation to prevent this.

Glad your older dog is not too serious but I would also be concerned about getting a puppy now as it may be too much for your oldie - in your shoes I'd go for a slightly older/calmer rescue.

BiteyShark Fri 14-Aug-20 13:46:05

As you have said it's supply and demand.

Other than wait for a rescue or wait for the prices to come down there isn't anything more you can do.

Beagle26 Fri 14-Aug-20 13:38:48

We have two dogs - one is very elderly. Today the old dog could not get off the bed ( the dogs sleep on our bed) and her back legs appeared to be paralysed. She was shivering and immobile. Tbh we thought this was the end. We rushed her to the vets and it seems that our old dog has a ‘luxating patella’ - so nothing serious. This got us thinking. The younger dog relies on her older sister and was distressed by her immobility and pain ( lying next to her with her paw on her). When her companion’s time comes, how will she cope? So I started searching for puppies online, only to discover that the prices are cynical. Surely £3000 for a puppy ( most breeds) is ridiculous. Surely a loving home is the most important thing? We are youngish pensioners and would provide a dog with a really good home, but were thinking £600-700 at the most. We cannot afford any more than this. There is a waiting list for rescue dogs. In my opinion dogs are priceless, but it seems wrong that because of post Covid supply and demand that the prices have shot up like this. I recognise that breeder’s costs have to be covered. One breeder had 10 pups and was charging 3000 per pup.

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