Training treats and other tips?

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Livelovelife35 Fri 26-Jun-20 17:15:31

all ready for training got our clickers etc
Any other alternative treats we can give a 10 week old pup?
We do have training treats but not wanting to over do it on them
Plus any tips on training and tips on how to combat playfull bitting and chewing?

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Scion286 Fri 26-Jun-20 17:55:49

I bought some little plastic pots and at the start of each week I cook thin sandwich steak, chicken or turkey mince. Cut up really small and fill the pots. Keep one the fridge and freeze the rest. I keep dry treats (shop bought ones that don’t need to be refrigerated) in pots around the house-by the front door, back door, living room that way they’re always on hand to train as stuff crops up through the day eg. Knock at the door, treat for not barking.

We bought our pup a piece of Kau wood when he was at his worst chewing stage. It was the single best thing we bought him. It’s just wood that’s safe to chew, it doesn’t splitter. At 10 months old he still absolutely loves it and I think it gets better the more they ‘work’ on it.

SaintWilfred Fri 26-Jun-20 18:24:31

At that age any kibble fed dogs will train for bits of kibble. It might not sound exciting to you but they will love it and it means you can use their meals to reinforce all the good behaviours - tons of treats and training for them without over doing the special treats.

Play biting stops play. Straight away. By all means resume it again after a minute of calm but think of it like a stop button. All humans in the house agree what constitutes a bite and be consistent. Eg some people take any teeth on skin at all to be a bite that stops play (bite prohibition) whereas others allow this but stop if any pressure is applied (bite inhibition). There are pros and cons to both so just decide what's right for you.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. It's a behaviour that they will grow out of so just be consistent and patient. It can take months.

CMOTDibbler Fri 26-Jun-20 22:27:11

For puppies I use Arden Grange liver paste in a tube as you can squeeze a teeny amount of it out at a time. Also dried sprats (broken into tiny pieces) and dried chicken or liver from Treats2sit4 broken up.

On biting, I have a zillion chewy things round the house (I foster puppies so its a permanent feature) and they get an ah ah, and the toy given to them, and praise for chewing that. But it is a very tedious process of never, ever letting them put teeth to you or anything you don't want chewed (people think puppies playing with shoe laces or socks is cute, not so much when they are bigger) and deflecting it every single time.

Livelovelife35 Fri 26-Jun-20 23:28:01

Some of the bitting its not hard its the wee nippy ones when your walking and he gets your feet all our washing is either hung out if its dry or our clothes dryer is put in a cupboard (have one big enough)
All shoes are never left out and are put in cupboard when we come in sometimes I think it may be the way he and his litter mates played
Got carrots coming in shop tomorrow so Will freeze a few of those and will get some chicken and hotdogs (heard they work good)
Only here a week so he will.still be adjusting

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