Insurance for rescue puppy

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MrsMcG18 Sun 07-Jun-20 07:53:49

Hi all, I collected the newest addition to our family on Friday and I am now looking to get her insured. She is 5 months old, mixed breed.

I am more than likely going to go with Bought by Many but I was looking for some help as to which policy as I am being indecisive. confused

I am between the 'complete' which has £15k vets fees each year but not a fixed premium. The 'fixed for life' remains at the current premium price for life but only £7k per year vets fees and capped at £20k for life of policy.

The complete feels best as its initially cheaper (£10 a month cheaper) and I get more cover and I dont know what kind of issues she may have being a rescue and unknown history but......the premiums fixed for life is a nice idea as my previous dogs premiums went through the roof as he got older even though I never claimed on it throughout his 13 years with us.

Have anyone got these policies? If so why did you chose the one you got?

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im5050 Sun 14-Jun-20 01:58:13

I’m with BBM
The fixed amount for life I think is 20000 max in total so you might think that’s good or not

Girlintheframe Sun 14-Jun-20 05:59:43

We went for the 15k one. We just wanted to make sure he had maximum cover plus I wanted the cover for abroad too. We are due for a renewal and are thinking about moving over to the fixed one. This is purely because from experience the premiums jump massively when they turn 8. This is all insurance companies not just BBM.
For us the premiums on the fixed were almost double that of the 15k.

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