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justtb Fri 22-May-20 18:23:21

My dogs had a lump near his back leg which has been progressively getting bigger and harder since January. Everyone said 'it's fine,' so I left it thinking I was just worrying too much.
A couple weeks back I thought enough was enough and booked him in. After a whole hoo-haa with sending emails, having phone calls and then eventually being seen I've been told it's not a cyst or ingrown hairs.
They asked if I wanted them to do a biopsy today or to book in for a operation to have it removed. I have opted to just have it removed and then sent away for investigation. My thinking is it will probably save a lot of time and worry just in case it is something bad.
I've told a few people and they've immediately asked why I didn't just go for biopsy. I suppose it's because I feel guilty for not going with my gut sooner!
If money was no object, what would you do in my position? He's 6 years old and never any problems with lumps before..

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TeddyIsaHe Fri 22-May-20 18:28:22

I would also have opted for it to be removed and investigated I think. What’s the point I’m 2 procedures when you can just have it done in one go?

Hopefully it’s all fine.

SunbathingDragon Fri 22-May-20 18:28:29

A lump that is getting bigger and harder, especially noticeably so in such a short amount of time, will almost certainly need to be removed regardless of what the biopsy says. I doubt the vet would have suggested it if they didn’t class it as likely to be needed regardless.

BiteyShark Fri 22-May-20 18:31:57

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.

You could have the biopsy and it's inconclusive and then you need to put your dog through another vet visit to take it out as a precaution. This would cause more stress for you and your dog.

You could have the biopsy and it's either good news or bad but decide not to do anything further. Equally that could happen with just removing it so either way one procedure.

Honestly trust your own instincts on this one and smile and nod and ignore everyone else.

BiteyShark Fri 22-May-20 18:38:35

Don't know why the cross out happened.

Honestly trust your own instincts on this one and smile and nod and ignore everyone else.

justtb Sat 23-May-20 20:59:20

Thank you for the kind words and reassurance. I do think I have done the right thing by booking to have it removed.
At the end of the day, I think some people are shocked by the cost of vets because we do not pay for our own health care! I'm sure something similar in a person would cost maybe 2 or 3 times the amount as we need far more drugs etc!

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