Tips on raising Boomer puppy

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Ylvamoon Mon 27-Apr-20 09:47:10

Food- go with the advice from the breeder and keep with the food given for the first few months.
There is also a lovely puppy socialising under lockdown thread on here for some inspiration ...

jinxpixie Sun 26-Apr-20 19:04:41

Start with this book excellent advice on all things puppy easy peasy puppy squeezy

Although not a lot on nutrition

IScreamForIceCreams Sun 26-Apr-20 18:26:30

So, after five loooong years of waiting, we're getting our dog in 4 weeks' time. My DH has had Westie before, but that dog was batshit crazy, so not taking too many tips from the in-laws. Food being one of them - wet, dry, mix, leftover that dogs can have (so no spices, no tomato, little carb, plenty protein)....but any Boomer owners out there who Our DD is 9.5, only child. DH is SAHD so pup will never be on his own.

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