My little chihuahua

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Coughisoff Mon 13-Apr-20 10:13:27

I have a 10 year old year chihuahua boy.

He isn’t quite right. He has terrible teeth and has had multiple operations for cleaning and removal.

His stomach constantly gurgles.

He does a lot of reverse sneezing which he’s always done. It he’s doing it more and more nowadays I think.

He’s just constantly and desperately been licking the floor and then vomited. He has had some fresh turkey from the roast yesterday. But all the dogs have that.

He will only let me pick him up. He’ll cry and snap and growl at everyone else.

I’m about to call the vets. But has anyone experienced this before?

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Darklane Tue 14-Apr-20 21:03:56

Toy breeds often have the reverse sneezing & bad teeth, my little Yorkie is the same. For his tummy, get some Promax paste. You can buy it online, no prescription needed, from places like Vet UK or Petmed.
Is he rubbing his face on the floor with the sneezing? He may have hay fever, tree pollen is bad at the moment. One of mine has hay fever. My vet recommends half a tablet of Piriton, not the one a day antihistamines like Piriteze, the ordinary Piriton from the chemist.

Elieza Tue 14-Apr-20 21:24:37

Licking things that shouldn’t be licked can be a sign of vitamin or mineral deficiency.

VetOnCall Tue 14-Apr-20 23:30:35

You need to speak to your vet, it sounds like he's in abdominal discomfort. Could he have eaten something he shouldn't?

Unfortunately Chihuahuas are very prone to dental issues as their jaws are so small and narrow. You should mention the increase in reverse sneezing to your vet as well.

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