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wholelottahistory Sun 12-Apr-20 09:14:34

I would really love a silver miniature poodle. There only seems to be a handful of people breeding them in the uk, I've found them through breed clubs, champdogs and a facebook group.
The dogs have come 2nd at crufts and won lots of breed shows etc. They have all the health tests and demonstrable pedigree.
However, I am a bit concerned that the puppies might not have great temperaments.
Firstly I've read that the less common colours can be more inbred and therefore more nervous/skittish.
Secondly, the breeders seem to be much more in love with their sires than the dams. The sires are revered and preened for show. The dams are 'shy' and one was referred to on fb as bad tempered.
Should I look for a different colour poodle?
Are silvers bred primarily for colour and good temperament is a lucky second but by no means assured?

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Minesacider Sun 12-Apr-20 12:30:30

I'd never buy from a breeder who breeds from ill tempered dogs. I'd also never choose a dog based on colour. Rare or fashionable colours can often mean less than optimal dogs are used, purely because they're the right colour and the breeder will charge more for them. That's not responsible breeding.

wholelottahistory Sun 12-Apr-20 13:24:49

It is not responsible just to do it for the money I agree.
But there has to be someone willing to preserve the colour line i guess, otherwise - no more silver minis.....
What about a shy dam - is that an ok trait to breed with?

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Meandmypoodle Sun 12-Apr-20 14:25:05

Im not a poodle expert but I am reliably informed that all poodles are going grey and that if they live long enough will eventually go white. Mine is jet black he's 8 years old and still basically black apart from a few grey hairs in his hat and round his mouth. This is apparently very unusual and on rare occasions the when I see the odd poodle it appears to be the case.
I was also told when I was looking too buy one that some poodle experts think the rarer colours are more nervous, black being the commonest colour and therefore some would say the least nervous.
For really good advise on everything about miniature poodles go through the miniature poodle club they will be able to give you all the advise you need about the breed and also a list of upcoming puppies and their possible colours. Expect to be grilled until they are convinced you're not looking to breed some some of designer doodle dog.
Mine is from a Crufts champion both mother and sire and has a crufts champion full brother (same litter) he is an healthy easy going happy little dog with no temperament problems at all, the breeder only had very occasional litters and he was bred for the show ring but sold to me partly because he was thought likely to be over height. But his breeder placed as much emphasis on temperament as show ring looks and health checks, she is totally committed to the breed and want to breed only happy healthy dogs that make excellent devoted family pets as this is what hers are and who also happen to do very well in the showing as well.

LochJessMonster Sun 12-Apr-20 19:51:32

Hmn I would be wary of ‘shy’ and want to assess the dam myself - there’s a difference between shy and fearful.

As an aside I love phantom poodles and really want one!

wholelottahistory Mon 13-Apr-20 09:12:16

@Meandmypoodle thank you. Is your mini black by any chance? I think I know your breeder....

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Meandmypoodle Mon 13-Apr-20 12:39:21

Yes he is black. colour was not particularly important to me apart from I didn't particularly want a white one as we have. a lot of mud here. I choose the breeder because of her reputation she just happened to breed black poodles.
We've had lots of dogs over the years mainly gun dogs (we used to live an outside life horses masses of space etc) but I would highly recommend miniature poodles. They want to please so are easily trained, they rarely bark (something I wont tolerate), they are exceedingly healthy and they will happily go round the block or walk for three hours, they are devoted to us but friendly to everyone else, they don't pull on their leads and best of all they don't shed, new for us and its bloody marvellous. Even my greatest admirer wouldn't describe me as house proud so to not have hair everywhere is fantastic.
We waited 5 moniths for him to was worth the wait.


vanillandhoney Mon 13-Apr-20 15:06:57

I would very wary of someone who bred from dams who were "ill-tempered" and "shy".

"Shy" in a dog often translates to nervous, and nervous can, sadly, often mean aggressive.

Wolfiefan Mon 13-Apr-20 15:10:35

They have multiple dams and sires? So a commercial breeder?
I wouldn’t take a dog from any breeder who was breeding from dodgy parents.
I show but just because a dog wins at Crufts it doesn’t mean it comes from a good breeder.
Who made the comment on FB?

ChewChewIsMySpiritAnimal Mon 13-Apr-20 15:15:05

They are very scarce so a breeder who is getting silver puppies probably aren't that bothered about temperament.

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