My puppy hates going for walks

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Snufflesdog Wed 08-Jan-20 23:27:18

Our puppy can be like this
I just try to take different routes

I have on occasion picked her up and carried her past the bit that’s causing the stop
I know this is frowned upon
But she carries on the rest of the walk lovely
So I can work on desensitisation to that spot
Without her missing out on the walks she needs too.

She’s worried about sounds too
I just try to stop
Give her a loose lead so she’s not ‘trapped’
I often crouch on the floor and I’m there if she wants to hide or come for a treat.
A lot of the time now she hears a scary noise and turns to me and gets a treat for ‘checking in’
She’s still reactive but it’s not at all as bad

I also play traffic noises etc to her at home

Lobeliablue Wed 08-Jan-20 18:50:49

My 8 month old Maltipoo gets very excited when his harness and lead is put on and seems delighted to be going out. He will only go a few yards and then very definitely wants to head for home. He is very sociable if there are other dogs around that he can make friends with and loves anyone that makes a fuss of him. Nevertheless he can’t get home fast enough. He much prefers going out in the car and is very noise conscious when walking. I feel he is missing out but can’t and wouldn’t force him. Has anyone experienced this.

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