Puppy vomiting after injection?

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NewYearLeaf Sun 29-Dec-19 14:32:42

Sat here with friend who's puppy has been sick twice this morning and is a bit shake.

She's entitled to PDSA treatment but as she had her dogs vaccinations at a private vets (she didn't want to take up pdsa time for a routine thing) they said she has to go through private vets.

As it's Sunday it's £200 emergency fee which she doesn't have right now. That's not including treatment.

She though she had petpaln insurance but turns out the free 4 weeks expired yesterday, typical.

Pup has had water and some chicken broth and seems better..
Does anyone know if this is normal after an injection?

PS. She didn't get the pup herself. It was bought for her at the end of November because she suffered a loss, person was well intentioned but it probably wasn't the best thing to do as friend is not in the best place financially but she couldn't give her back as she was in such a bad place and her life has really turned around in the last 4 weeks since getting her little friend.

Please be kind with practical advice.

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Wolfiefan Sun 29-Dec-19 14:35:29

If the puppy is vomiting and shaking then it should see a vet. How old is it and what vaccinations did it have?

NewYearLeaf Sun 29-Dec-19 14:41:59

12 weeks and 2nd vaccination. Was fine with the first.

Am on phone to PDSA again.
Private vet said if she's entitled they should help.

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NewYearLeaf Sun 29-Dec-19 14:42:46

They said because she's registered at a private vet she's not entitled to PDSA treatment confused

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Wolfiefan Sun 29-Dec-19 14:44:12

@NewYearLeaf I read it as the suspicion being it was due to vaccinations and they were given privately.

BiteyShark Sun 29-Dec-19 14:44:39

No one on here can say it's fine or not. The only person that can do that is a vet.

If they are entitled to PDSA then they need to push that further or borrow the money to see the vet that did the vaccinations. I will say a young puppy that is vomiting and shaking is one that should be seen by a vet ASAP as it's very easy for young puppies to get very ill and dehydrated.

BadEyeBri Sun 29-Dec-19 14:47:11

I don't think you can register with the PDSA out of hours even if you are entitled. You nee to register with them during office hours.
When did the puppy have it's vaccinations? What breed of puppy? Is the puppy eating or drinking? Any diarrhoea?
I honestly advise that you get the puppy to a vet today. Bite the bullet and pay the bill. That's what being a responsible pet owner is.


NewYearLeaf Sun 29-Dec-19 14:47:42

I've just done the eligibility test online and it says she's entitled to free treatment.

But they are saying because the pup is registered at a private vet they won't help

She thought she was being helpful by registering her at a private vet for routine things.

It says NOTHING on their website about having to register your pet at 8 weeks with them or losing your eligibility

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FleasAndKeef Sun 29-Dec-19 14:48:23

Could you phone the private vet and ask for advice over the phone from a nurse? Sometimes a check from a veterinary nurse is free, especially if it is seen as a "follow up"?

Wolfiefan Sun 29-Dec-19 14:50:05

The point is that this could be a seriously ill dog. If you have one then you have a responsibility to get vet care for it. That’s not optional.

BiteyShark Sun 29-Dec-19 14:52:32

Is there an rspca vet clinic near by? I don't know for certain but I did think that they provide subsidised vet care.

NewYearLeaf Sun 29-Dec-19 14:55:42

I appreciate that. But she thought she had 2 seperate pathways for an I'll dog.

The PDSA who's website says she is fully entitled.

And the petpaln insurance.

But now neither seems to be an option and it's a Sunday. Just an unfortunate situation.

We will sort it. Thankyou

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Floralnomad Sun 29-Dec-19 14:57:25

The point with PDSA is that you pay as much as you can afford so it’s a bit ridiculous to say she went to a normal vet to save them money so I can see where they are coming from . Bottom line is the pup needs seeing as they can become very ill very quickly so she needs to go to the emergency vet and arrange a payment plan if necessary .

wouldyouadamandeveit Sun 29-Dec-19 14:58:11

Is honestly pay for the Private Vet again. Some puppies/dogs can have very bad reactions to jabs. Better safe than sorry thanks

NewYearLeaf Sun 29-Dec-19 15:03:33

Pdsa cost is so much cheaper though.

Everytime I've been to the pdsa and asked what the cost is I've paid the FULL bill because its always cost price, not hiked up like a private vets.

My cats were registered with local vets for injections. Fleaing etc... But in emergency I always took them pdsa and paid after. Even though I didn't have to

It's never been an issue.

Neither of us have 80 quid between us after Christmas.

Private vet said they don't do payment plans either sad

Am trying rspca

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Wolfiefan Sun 29-Dec-19 15:11:16

The dog needs treatment. If she can’t pay for it and hasn’t got insurance then she may have to consider giving it up.

NewYearLeaf Sun 29-Dec-19 15:13:50

I'm going to call PDSA back because it just doesn't sound right.

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coffeeoclock Sun 29-Dec-19 15:19:37

The dog needs a vet. It's incredible irresponsible to not take it, your friend shouldn't have the dog if she can't afford it imo, there are often loads of unexpected costs with pets (especially dogs!). Either you take out a loan/credit (which I know isn't ideal) or ask family members for a loan.

stickerqueen Sun 29-Dec-19 15:24:41

When I used the pdsa by me they did not do injections so had them done threw a private vet. They still saw the pup when he was sick even though his injections was done at the private vets.

NewYearLeaf Sun 29-Dec-19 15:57:45

Vet nurse said to just keep a close eye on her.

She's had some food and chicken broth. She's perked right up. Is fighting with my cat and barking at the TV.

Nurse said unless she gets lethargic again or can't keep down water there's no need to bring her in.

She's made her a normal appointment for 8.30am just to get checked over.

Her temp is normal too so she says that makes it less urgent.

She gave us a direct number to ring is needed but she says she doesn't think she needs to come in given the information.

She will be seen at 8.30 am regardless to just check her over.

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BiteyShark Sun 29-Dec-19 16:05:33

Hopefully tomorrow will give you a clean bill of health.

But long term your friend needs to consider how to fund vet care. A simple D&V episode turned into a period where my dog wasn't thriving and with admissions and treatment cost over £2000 and my vets are cheap compared to my friends.

The bottom line is pet care isn't cheap and if they are going to struggle to take a dog to the vets then are they really able to meet their needs. Love isn't enough as no pet should be left in pain.

NewYearLeaf Sun 29-Dec-19 16:07:57

I agree.

We are going to call the PDSA normal line tomorrow to see if she can get registered.

If not she will get private insurance.

Pup is running from kitchen to living room with a sock in her mouth so is definitely feeling better.

I think she may have been dehydrated and the broth helped?

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