Wet dog blues

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3dogs2cats Thu 14-Nov-19 10:47:30

Just come back soaked from another wet walk. Quite obvious that it’s going to rain for the next 40 years, so I have decided to get waterproof trousers. Has anyone else taken the plunge?
Any recommendations, or potential pitfalls would be much appreciated.
Also the smell of 3 frequently wet dogs is bad. I’ve never been much of a one for air fresheners, but something really needs to be done here. What do you do?

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Thu 14-Nov-19 13:08:22

I have two pairs - a black pair of Ayacucho ones which I think came from Go Outdoors, and a pair of cow-pat coloured Seeland trousers which I got half price at a country show (eye-wateringly pricey otherwise).

They make the wet, cold, windy walks in the winter dawn MUCH more bearable.

As for wet dog smell, dunno. Towel them down? Put on drying coats for 15 mins? The faster they dry, the less they smell.

3dogs2cats Thu 14-Nov-19 23:39:22

Oh thank you for answering. I do dry them off, and keep them away from soft furnishings until they are really dry, 1 will wear a drying coat. I gets washed all the time because he loves fox shit, the others just get hosed down if muddy, maybe I need to use dog shampoo. I will look up those brands of waterproof.

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Floralnomad Thu 14-Nov-19 23:59:06

After I’ve dried my dog I wipe him down with a baby water wipe on which I have sprayed a dog deodorant / spritzer / coat conditioner ( basically whatever is in his cupboard) . It really gets rid of any horrible aromas .

Girlintheframe Fri 15-Nov-19 05:35:15

I have a pair of berghaus trouser. They were really cheap, maybe about £15. They fold up quite small too. I just slip them over my normal trousers/jeans and they keep me completely dry. The ankles have zips to make getting them on and off with shoes easier.
We have a micro fibre towel which I mind much better at drying Ddog then a regular one. Also washed and dried really quickly

WineOrGinOrBoth Fri 15-Nov-19 06:16:07

Ddog wears the coat of shame when out now.


All that needs wiping down are her paws. I take the fleece off in the car as then dirt isn’t brought into the house.

adaline Fri 15-Nov-19 08:31:47

I wear waterproof trousers - I use Dry Roamers from Rohan. Expensive but they do the job and have the advantage that they look like normal trousers and don't make that horrible rustly noise!

Ddog just gets muddy and I towel him off before we get in the car.


spiderlight Fri 15-Nov-19 10:31:52

I have some Craghoppers Kiwi trousers that are properly waterproof. They're quite thin though so I'm not sure how warm they'd be.

SlothMama Fri 15-Nov-19 10:40:06

I went cheap on waterproof trousers and in really heavy rain they leak, I'll be investing in a better pair!
Smell wise I use an febreze pet plug in, this masks any wet dog smell! I dry her down with a towel and put on a dry coat before I let her out of the kitchen

3dogs2cats Fri 15-Nov-19 11:11:28

Some great ideas here. Thanks

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Booboostwo Fri 15-Nov-19 11:14:06

I ride so have plenty of wet weather gear. If you go to a tack shop and ask for help there are loads of options. I have an amazing pair of full length chaps that are fleece lines and waterproof, also easy to pop over any other trousers and keep the mud off.

Booboostwo Fri 15-Nov-19 11:15:42

Like these:

adaline Fri 15-Nov-19 13:12:26

These are the ones I wear:


Leggings underneath when it's really cold and windy!

hiredandsqueak Fri 15-Nov-19 13:18:23

I'm going to buy an Equafleece for Bella as I'm really fed up of the rain. Having said that, yesterday, for the first time ever, Bella got to the top of the road and turned back because of the rain so think she is as sick of it as I am.

TheHodgeoftheHedge Fri 15-Nov-19 13:22:20

Another massive vote for Equa fleece!

EnidPrunehat Fri 15-Nov-19 13:37:13

I live in the middle of nowhere. All our walks consist of mud and water. Both of which ddog loves and as a particularly hairy lurcher, both of which he comes home suffused in during this weather. I suspect us rural people may be less scrupulous about mud but I simply towel the muddy hooligan off before he gets in the car. At home, he isn't allowed into the 'better' sitting room or upstairs straight after a walk. I'm keen to have recommendations for waterproof trousers though. My last pair appear to have been eaten by mice while stored in the utility room.

TheHodgeoftheHedge Fri 15-Nov-19 13:42:04

If dogs are wet, these coats are great and they also have toweling mitts which are fabulous for drying off wet dog legs ;)

madasamarchhare Fri 15-Nov-19 15:01:15

Another dog owner here fed up of this rain. My ddog has an equafleece suit too and it really is just his paws that need drying. I blot them with blue roll then dry with a hairdryer and I find it doesn’t take me too long.
I’m finding as he’s getting older he doesn’t want to be out in it either so he’ll do what he needs and he turns around!
I do a bit more brain training wise indoors if he’s had shorter walks. I hide his treats and he likes to play catch and chase down the hall which wears him out a bit!
Roll on the spring.

Harrysmummy246 Fri 15-Nov-19 15:40:30

buy cheap buy twice with waterproofs

Berghaus ones here bought by husband but the critical point is that they're goretex

I need a new waterproof coat as it's not repelling water properly but will be wearing my ski jacket if it gets really cold

MaryLennoxsScowl Fri 15-Nov-19 23:50:06

That link to chaps is the creepiest thing ever! If they’re for adults, why are they being advertised by a child?

SummerLove2306 Fri 15-Nov-19 23:57:27

I have Helly Hansen waterproof trousers. They're great!

woogal Sat 16-Nov-19 00:08:28

Berghaus and dog spray. Amazon do a lovely baby talc one for £5

fastliving Sun 17-Nov-19 00:03:40

Same coat of shame as wineorgin uses.
My dog doesn't seem to feel shame though! (Just me blush) cuts down on the wet dog running all over the house before you can rub her down!

FortunaMajor Sun 17-Nov-19 00:31:44

Craghoppers Aysgarth trousers are the dog's danglies. 10k waterproof outer layer lined with fleecy fabric. They keep me warm and proper dry and are very comfy.

I bit the bullet and got the large breed dog a coat too for really bad days. I have also taught her to shake on command so she can only come in after 2 shakes, plus I put a hook up next to the door for her towel. The dog dryers that are around £40 on ebay or amazon also work really well.

It does get very tedious though so I feel your pain.

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