Old dog vestibular disease

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BourbonAndTea Mon 23-Sep-19 15:22:39

Vets seem so quick to just PTS.. I'm glad we knew what it was, he'd had a couple of wobbles before, so when this attack happened we were of course worried but not too concerned..

Little bean is much better now and has even been out for a short walk around the block!

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spiderlight Mon 23-Sep-19 15:14:38

Poor old boy. I'm glad he's over the worst of it. Our old boy had an attack of it and recovered within a few days, although it was very upsetting for us all the night it happened. A friend's dog had it and their vet took one look at her, diagnosed a brain tumour and advised them to PTS. Thankfully they chose not to make a hasty decision, as she recovered fully apart from a bit of a head tilt and went on perfectly happily for several more years.

BourbonAndTea Mon 23-Sep-19 09:58:46

It has been a rough weekend, but he was up and about last night and enjoyed his dinner!

This morning he was a bit wobbly but thankfully the eye rolling has all but stopped.

It absolutely should be given more publicity, how many DDogs are PTS with this, especially when vets will say "oh he's had a stroke, the kindest thing is to PTS".

DDog was worried but not scared, as we were being calm and reassuring without going OTT.

Thanks for your words - sorry to hear your DDog had this, too. It's an awful illness

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nunnun Fri 20-Sep-19 16:59:14

Poor lad! Our darling Ddog had this. It looks really frightening when they're in the middle of an attack (head shaking, eye rolling, can't stand up) but I believe that in fact it's not serious. This distressing condition should be given more publicity imo because it could easily send an owner into a sheer panic enough to drag the poor ddog off to the vet when they need to stay calm and quiet. Hope he recovers soon.

BourbonAndTea Fri 20-Sep-19 14:41:10

Our old boy (15) has, last night, begun his biggest attack of vestibular disease.

He's had a couple of brief wobbles over the last year, but this is the longest and worst he's been.

We're keeping him comfy on his bed and getting some tasty food to keep his appetite up.

Poor old man though, it's heartbreaking, he looks so confused. We're hoping it will be a quick recovery and he'll be back to his usual self soon. He is otherwise healthy, strong and playful.

Just looking for a hand hold really, and any advice from others who have dealt with it..

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