A new dog after loss

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Hopeoverexperience Fri 13-Sep-19 10:58:49

I lost my dearly loved dog 3 months ago. I miss her very much and the house is empty without her. She was 8 years old and died suddenly due to heart failure.
When is the right time to consider a new dog? Do I miss having a dog or just miss “my dog” IYSWIM?
I have contacted a couple of “good” breeders recently but feel very apprehensive. I want a dog so much BUT something is pulling me back. Would be really grateful to hear other people’s experiences. Thank you.

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Imjustagirlwhobakes Fri 13-Sep-19 11:20:01

When my mum lost her dog she was certain she wasn't getting another one, 6 months later she brought home a puppy! She wasn't even thinking of another dog until 2 weeks before and she was just casually looking online and there was a litter in the next village.

I'm so sorry you lost her so suddenly, it's so hard loosing such a big part of your life. A new dog won't replace the one you lost and only you will know when the time is right.

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Fri 13-Sep-19 13:20:53

When I lost my last dog, my sister said I should wait and have a few longer holidays to take advantage of not having to pay dog care in my absence (which always limits holiday time to what I can afford). It all made perfect sense but there was a large dog-shaped hole in my home. I only lasted 3 and a half weeks before I got another rescue dog. It was right for me but everyone is different.

Span1elsRock Fri 13-Sep-19 13:23:09

We've had 2 dogs now for a good few years, mainly to avoid that gut wrenching coming home to an empty house when you lose one sad

Our eldest is nearly 7 and the puppy is coming up to a year.

Losing them is the worst worst bit, but don't let it stop you loving another. If anything, I've loved each of mine progressively more because you know they're with you for such a short time and you make the most of every day flowers

Floralnomad Fri 13-Sep-19 14:17:45

My current dog is the dog ‘love of my life’ , he has to be an only dog however I know that if anything happened to him I would probably be at Battersea or the local greyhound place within the week because I need to have a dog . Do whatever you feel is the right thing for you because there is no right or wrong . Sorry for your loss .

Windydaysuponus Fri 13-Sep-19 14:22:38

My ddog has recently beaten cancer. It made us realise how much we could do to make her life better - op and post op fussing -
If she hadn't made it I knew I would find another ddog to benefit from what we had to offer....
So many ddogs out there need someone - and someone decent.

Hopeoverexperience Fri 13-Sep-19 14:30:08

Thank you very much everyone for your replies. Really appreciate all your comments.

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Bayby Fri 13-Sep-19 21:38:24

I lost my 19 week old puppy a week and a half ago very unexpectedly. My family and I were knocked sideways because we were all devoted to him and loved spending time training him. He helped both my daughters with their mental health problems in the short time we were blessed.

We made the decision to take everything he taught us and use it with a new puppy as the best way we could remember him. We bring home a little girl in 12 days. Our boy won’t be forgotten, my girls will have plants in their rooms with some of his ashes in and we’ll have photos. It’s desperately sad because we feel cheated out of the time we should have had with him.

It’s the right time, when you’re ready.

Bayby Fri 13-Sep-19 21:40:21

Oh, and in reference to your user name, we’re calling her Hope.

RuggyPeg Fri 13-Sep-19 21:42:24

I have a 16 week old puppy. She's awesome. Right up there already with the best I've ever owned or known. I am besotted and couldn't love her any more than I do but she makes my heart break all over again for my other dogs that I've lost over the years.

Hopeoverexperience Sun 15-Sep-19 13:04:24

Really sorry to hear about the loss of your dear puppy Bayby - what a horrible shock for you all. Sending very best wishes that little Hope will help you to heal.
Pleased to hear about your fabulous puppy Ruggy - cherish every moment 😊.
I think I just need to be brave and go for it!!

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