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Adopted baby and dog - any general tips/advice?

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DashOfMagic Fri 13-Sep-19 07:57:16

Hi all. We have a 3yr old beagle-springer mix and have just adopted a 1yr old (human) baby.

We introduced them carefully and it’s gone well. Initially dog was careful to avoid her as he was a bit wary but is now back to his usual self. His usual self is good natured, very lively and playful. The main areas we have issues are:

Snacks - we initially tried to give her snacks on the floor and keep directing him away so he learnt that it was not his food but he kept returning over and over trying to lick her hands, so now we either separate or she goes in high chair/playpen. Think this is ok but any tips would be appreciated.

Play - generally dog is fine but if baby gets excitable and squeals or moves really quickly dog will run over and roll over in front of her wanting to play with her. We either take him out of the room to play with us or get him to come sit down. Not sure how to proceed with this one if there was only one of us?

Baby wanting to get to dog - we get her to just wave at the dog but sometimes she desperately wants to touch him (usually when he’s fast asleep). We just move and distract her. We’re so new to her she’s not really following instructions from us yet but we will in future teach her how to be gentle.

He’s gone to his basket a few times as we’re trying to encourage it but generally wants to be in the same room we’re in.

It’s very early days only been a week. We’re in a lucky position we are both off on adoption leave for several months so can take our time, and give attention to both, and keep splitting up - one with dog one with baby.

Just after any general advice people might have about dogs and babies (not newborns) together, and if the things we’re doing are ok?

Thank you x

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Bananarama12 Fri 13-Sep-19 08:04:49

All sounds very sweet.
The food thing - my son, given the chance, will always share his food with the dog so I so have to shut her out for every meal (more so that she doesn't get fat!)

I think it's really important for the dog to have a safe space where they can go away from the baby.

You sound like you're doing everything brilliantly.

dudsville Fri 13-Sep-19 08:11:49

Congratulations!!!!! I don't have children so cannot advise but you are clearly being very thoughtful.

DashOfMagic Sun 15-Sep-19 07:51:19

Thank you both for your replies - we’re trying very hard to make sure things go smoothly as possible. I was worried about introducing a baby to my beloved hooligan confused grin

Any tips from others with children and dogs would be appreciated? x

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BertieBotts Sun 15-Sep-19 07:53:35

This is a link which came from a dog training group oft-recommended on here and I think it's a very useful approach.

BertieBotts Sun 15-Sep-19 07:55:06

Does your dog know a very solid "leave it" and "settle"? Those I would say are useful things to be able to teach them.

Disfordarkchocolate Sun 15-Sep-19 08:06:00

We had a one-year-old when we adopted a pup. Having a safe space for the dog is very important, he needed a place where the baby didn't disturb him. In our house, this was his basket which was not in a main living area. The baby was never allowed to disturb a sleeping dog, nobody should.

Gentle play and contact are fine if it's closely supervised. The baby loved petting the dog and the dog loved to be near people.

We had a playpen so the baby could be safe if I had to answer the door etc.

I'm sure our baby fed the dog a lot of snacks even though we watched this a lot, our pup was one when we got him and was a rescue to had been insecure about food.

Good luck, you're in for a wonderful time, one-year-olds are amazing.

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