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Pomsky! Advice appreciated.

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hazeydays14 Sun 08-Sep-19 00:12:19

I have recently adopted a pomsky (I know ‘not a real breed’ but he needed a loving home). He has just turned a year old.

I’ve only had him 2 weeks, he’s a lovely and active dog. He was being fed iams which I’ve heard is not a good option. I want to move him to some healthier food that is particularly good for this breed/active dogs. TMI but his poo can be quite loose and brightly coloured.

I am struggling to find owners of Pomskies to see what they have found to be the best food for their dogs.

Hoping for a pomsky owner or someone who is familiar with a similar dog in size/activity. The only other pomsky owner I have found uses a brand which is only stocked in one place which is over 2 hours away and though they do home delivery it’s a lot of money for a food he may not get on with as you have to order at least 24kg at a time.

Any advice is greatly welcomed. I just want a healthy, happy pup. Thank you!

(Obligatory picture of course)

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adaline Sun 08-Sep-19 06:40:25

You want something with a decent meat content - have a look on and see what you can afford.

Zooplus is a great website for dog food and you can often buy samples on there too.

Your dog is adorable btw! 😍

Perch Sun 08-Sep-19 06:44:03

We feed Aatu since Orijen prices have rocketed. Lots of flavours too so every spent bag follows with a new flavour to keep things varied. Had skin problems on Barking heads.

HeronLanyon Sun 08-Sep-19 07:00:43

No advice but wanted to say what a lovely looking dog ! Good luck op.

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