Raw feeding advice please

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TheRealHepzibah Sun 18-Aug-19 19:32:48

I'm looking to start raw feeding my puppy. I'm not confident enough to prep it all myself so will be buying ready prepared frozen food for her.
I've read that she can have chicken wings - do I just buy the ones in the supermarket /butchers? Do I just give her one and she gets on with it or do I need to do anything special with it???

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Walney Sun 18-Aug-19 19:45:09

I tried mine on Bella & Duke but she never liked it, however I have heard good things about the food. Just don’t do what I did and order the 20kg delivery and find out your dog doesn’t like it! It is best to use these services as they make it all up for you with the right ingredients.

TheRealHepzibah Mon 19-Aug-19 10:07:23

20kg and your dog didn't like it, blimey!!!
I will order a small amount and see how she gets on with it.

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TeacupRex Wed 21-Aug-19 22:08:16

Supermarket/butcher raw bones should be fine! Always supervise them with bones, and I wouldn't recommend them if your puppy has a tendency to guzzle food without chewing properly. If you are uncertain, you can hold the wing and let your puppy chew at it. Avoid weight bearing bones, they can be too hard and break teeth.

You can buy complete, ready-made raw foods that already have the correct meat, bone and offal ratios already weighed out. Natural Instinct, Nutriment, Benyfit, Poppy's Picnic and Bella & Duke are some good BARF raw completes (meaning they contain fruit/veg and some supplements as well as animal products), or if you're a prey model raw feeder, Paleo Ridge, Henley, The Dogs Butcher and Furry Feasts are a few good well-known brands that are just pure animal products. Totally up to your personal preference on whether you go with BARF or prey model.

RedCowboyBoots Wed 21-Aug-19 22:10:35

In Tesco they sell bags of it refrigerated in the pet food section, if that appeals?

Catsrus Sat 24-Aug-19 00:00:59

Don't use supermarket chicken wings - they are pumped full of salt to make us stupid humans think they are plump and succulent (check the labels they are all about 3% salt, some higher) get the wings specifically sold, by a DEFRA approved supplier, as dog food. No added salt.

Chicken wings are are great for tooth health, but unless you really know what you are doing I wouldn't try to DIY a balanced raw diet at this point. Buy completes which contain the correct ratio of meat, offal and bone. My dogs are on PaleoRidge, which I'm very happy with. It's not the cheapest but it's a good range, chunky mince (one dog is fussy about texture) and the next day delivery is very efficient via DPD.

You might have to try a few different manufacturers to get the one that suits your dog, or you might be lucky and have a non fussy eater. smile

Ronnyhotdog Mon 26-Aug-19 20:05:22

My 14 week old pup has been on Nutriment food since we brought him home, he loves it. He empties his bowl in seconds.
We fed our last dog on natures menu, that’s handy as it comes in frozen cubes so you just defrost the right amount for the day.


StillMedusa Mon 26-Aug-19 23:34:23

My puppy is 14 weeks now and I switched her to raw last week. No big bones, they need adult teeth for those. I ordered from wolftucker, it comes frozen, complete and you just defrost and serve.I also have a bag of natures menu.
Oral loves it, and side bonus is smaller firmer poos :-) I'm also giving dried sprats as treats.
She does still have a little kibble at supper as I want her to accept it for travelling , but 80% of her diet is raw. Later on I hope to mix it myself but I'm not confident for a growing pup!

StillMedusa Mon 26-Aug-19 23:35:40

Orla is her name not oral!!!!

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