How do I know if the dog is bored?

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Alwaysgrey Thu 01-Aug-19 16:34:33

Our pup is 8 months and it being the school holidays he doesn’t get loads of attention but his behaviour hasn’t changed during the holidays if that makes sense. He’s getting an hour or so walk a day, he has his toys but I’m worried he’s bored. Or maybe my anxiety is kicking in. He sleeps a lot. And lazes about. He’s very lazy when it comes to training.

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LolaSmiles Thu 01-Aug-19 16:43:14

I would look for behaviour that suggests restlessness or any destructive behaviour or behaviour that's out of character.

At 8 months they're still a puppy so I would expect them to be spending a reasonable portion of time during the day napping or lying down and chilling.

A lot will depend on dog breed, their personality and how active they are normally. For example when my dog was younger they were full of beans so liked to run around the garden and play with toys etc and then they'd nap for an hour and then they'd run around. This would continue most days so we'd meet up with other dog friends, go to the park where they'd meet other dogs, keep the socialization and new experiences going.

What I would say is that your training routine needs to be consistent and they need enough enthusiasm and stimulation there.

Monsterdogs Thu 01-Aug-19 16:45:33

Bored dogs normally get into some mischief so i dont think you need to worry. However, if you want ideas on activities for your dog there is a fb group called canine enrichment which i find really useful. I also get my dog to work for his food using things like snuffle mats, puzzle toys and cardboard boxes/toilet roll tubes. Teach your pup how to play hide n seek or find it games are fun too

Alwaysgrey Thu 01-Aug-19 17:26:43

No mischief being done. We put a lot of his food in his treat balls. I suppose it’s because he’s quiet whereas he’s quite excitable when we go out and seems to be really enjoying himself. The suggestions are really helpful thank you.

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