Help me stop worrying first time in kennels

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pigsDOfly Mon 15-Jul-19 17:57:25

The kennels my dog goes to is not nearly as luxurious as yours sounds OP.

The reason I chose it was because I was impressed with the condition the dogs are kept in, their level of hygiene, the facilities, but most of all their caring attitude.

I was very worried the first time she stayed with them but when I picked her up, and as we were leaving she turned and went back for a last goodbye, I knew I'd chosen the right place.

Agree, you might find your dog is a bit unsettled when she comes back home, but it should soon pass.

BiteyShark Mon 15-Jul-19 16:59:03

It's totally natural to worry. BiteyDog loves his boarding but I still worry whether he misses me and is ok despite the fact that he doesn't even look backwards when I drop him off

Her0utdoors Mon 15-Jul-19 14:56:38

Mine goes to what seems like quite a basic and joyless kennels, and she absoulutely loves it. She know the owners names and just mentioning them sends her wagging.
They are strict with her which she thrives on, but she gets cuddles and biscuits plus they pay attention to all the other dogs personalities so she gets let out to play with other dogs they judge to be a good match.

billybagpuss Mon 15-Jul-19 14:36:25

Thank you both grin I do know that she'll be ok, but do worry.

I always love the idea of the old t-shirt, unfortunately billypup is a high energy dog and would spend the first 5 seconds destroying it and the rest eating it. They also just use their own bedding for hygiene, but I do have a bag of almost indestructible toys.
We're not allowed anything chew related like antlers etc as they may choke.

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Nesssie Mon 15-Jul-19 11:06:38

Find out from the kennels if you are allowed to bring toys/bedding etc, then I would wear an old t-shirt in bed, or lay on a blanket for a few nights and take that with him. It will smell of you and be a comfort.

A familiarisation weekend is a great idea before a big stay, and a quiet hotel type place sounds lovely.

My dog absolutely adores kennels! He will jump out the car and run down to the gate without a backwards glance at me!

Toilet training shouldn't be affected.

She'll be fine wink

BiteyShark Mon 15-Jul-19 08:11:50

Mine goes to the person who has him for daycare. He absolutely loves it but he does take a bit of time to settle back home if we have been away for a week. I think it's the routine change plus the 'why did you leave and why am I back'.

I think you are doing the right thing by doing a couple of days before your 2 weeks holiday. I would send her with her bed and toys which will be familiar.

When she comes back don't be worried if she takes a bit of time to settle again. Just go back to your routine and yes take her out a few times to pee/poo so she realises she's back home and normality is resumed.

billybagpuss Mon 15-Jul-19 07:58:29

Billypup is off to the kennels this week, I’m nervous about it. It’s only for a couple of days before a fortnight stint in August.

I took ages choosing the kennel. I didn’t go with a home boarder as she still pulls a lot on a walk and I don’t want them using an extendible lead and I don’t trust her recall 100% it’s 95% but the other 5% is seriously obstinate as previous threads illustrated.

The first kennel I looked at was too noisy and didn’t feel right, a feeling since been validated by our agility trainer.

So we’ve gone for a doggy hotel kind of place. She has aircon unit, inside (we haven’t paid extra for the presidential suite with a bed and tv😳) she gets a run and play in the corridors whilst they clean her unit and walks around their paddock and I’m paying extra for extra walks.

I know she’ll be fine but any advice about what I should take for her, anything else to stop me worrying, will her training regress? Will her house training be effected she is very clean in the house and always has been.

I’m just having a stress head moment please tell me she’ll be fine.

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