Pug problems ! (Pics included)

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pugmomma92 Sun 30-Jun-19 19:38:39

Hi all , we have a fawn male pug (neutered all jabs up to date) . He will be 3 years old in July. He has the most amazing personality, beautiful temperament and didn't particularly take long to house train which I was shocked about for bring a pug I had heard some horror stories about training them . Bot of background so I don't drop feed.
He has no current health problems we know of. But for the last 5 day he has pooed all over our kitchen (once) & peed all over our dining room (every day last 5 days). He then takes himself outside after doing his business inside ! . He has constant access to our garden as the back door is left open during the day .
He isn't giving me any warning he needs to go out literally just stands and does it or waits until I leave the room.
I am calling the vets in the morning to get him in for a full health check but has anyone else had a similar problem or can advise?

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PoppingOneOutIn2020 Sun 30-Jun-19 19:49:39

Could be a bug hes caught, or an infection that means when hes got to go he goes.

We have a chihuahua and he started going on the rug.. right next to the open patio doors! Turns out he doesnt like walking on wet grass or going out in the rain.. so now (cruelly) if it's a rainy day be gets shut out every couple/few hours. He kept occasionally going when we wasnt looking (nice surprise) we've since thrown the rug away and got a new one and he hasn't fone there again. Sometimes I think if they can get a whiff of where they have been before they've continue to go there.

Pics for context obviously! wink

pugmomma92 Sun 30-Jun-19 19:55:39

Yes that makes sense (if he had to go he has to go) because of the way he doesn't even hesitate to do it !
Oh my he looks very content and comfybiscuitwink

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PoppingOneOutIn2020 Sun 30-Jun-19 20:21:26

I think ringing the vets is a wise idea, it's probably nothing sinister but even if it's a minor bug they might be able to help with some medicine. I hope your boy gets better soon, hes a lovely colour! flowers

spot102 Wed 03-Jul-19 10:40:00

Definitely, if they go there once they will go there again, so clean well and spray with anti dog wee smell spray. Available in most pet outlets. Worked for me, darling pup kept weeing on my mums brand new carpet until we sprayed it!

pugmomma92 Wed 03-Jul-19 10:57:47

So we've had him to the vets yesterday morning he had protein in his urine so is on anti biotics for a week halo

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