Getting 10 month puppy out of our bed

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sunnyshowers Tue 18-Jun-19 07:56:52

We messed up massively. When we got our puppy we 're did our kitchen so brought her upstairs. She happily slept with our daughter but then took to coming into us at 4am.
For past few days we 're trying to get her to stay in her bed on our bedroom floor and then into the kitchen....
So last night was first night in the kitchen. She barked till 3 and u got up and slept on the couch with her....
I know we 've mucked up and I don't mind her on the beds but we 're going on holiday in 2 weeks and need her to be comfortable in her bed.
She goes to the kennels once a week to get familiar with it and she's loves it. I can't have her upset at night for her sake the other dogs and the kennel owner...
Any tips?

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ThatsUnusual Tue 18-Jun-19 08:53:28

What's worked for me is sleeping next to where you want them to sleep so they settle and get used to it.

Then slowly get further away each night (but they're settling) and it works every time.

It might take a few weeks.

sunnyshowers Wed 19-Jun-19 14:55:14

My back is broken lol. So I did go to bed and got up when my dh put her to bed.
Slept a few feet away and kept popping her back when she wandered over to me. She did sleep and no barking. So she s off in doggie day care and tonight she 'll be v tired so I 'll mover further away...she s a quick learnerHOWEVER having spent the night in the kitchen I get why it's harder for her to settle...tonight I 'll not put on dishwasher do I get out of the pitch?

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sunnyshowers Fri 21-Jun-19 07:35:15

I know I m daft updating my own post with 1 response but we got a crate. Left the door open and put her bed inside. Draped a blanket over it and it's like a cosy doggie cave...not a peep out of her. Also like a log last 2 nights!

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