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Phantom Pregnancy

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SilverDapple Tue 04-Jun-19 10:58:53

Dropped our bitch off at the vets to be spayed this morning, only to get a call to pick her up 20 minutes later as they discovered some nipple discharge and swollen mammary glands.

Have an appointment in 10 days to see if it's resolved, and go from there.

Phantom pregnancy is a new one on me, wonder if I could ask a couple of questions that I'm not having much luck googling! Vet nurse I spoke with wasn't especially forthcoming either beyond booking the follow up appointment.

What happens to a bitch's normal 6 month cycle when they have a phantom pregnancy? Assuming here that the dog usually has a regular cycle. Does it start the cycle again (eg she'd likely next go into heat 6 months after the PP resolved) or does the cycle carry on as usual and she'd be expected to go into season 6 months after her last season?

If she doesn't snap out of it before the window of spaying opportunity closes in her usual cycle does that mean we'll have to wait for another season + 3 months before we are able to try and get her spayed again? Or can it be done once the PP is over regardless?

Finally, is there anything I can do to try and help resolve the PP? She isn't displaying any behavioural changes (yet?), just nipple related symptoms. If I can make changes to her routine or whatever to help then I'm all for it. Google seems to suggest extra exercise which sounds fine, but also reducing water which I wouldn't consider doing!

Any advice welcomed!

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Girlintheframe Wed 05-Jun-19 04:16:26

Our dog had a phantom pregnancy. Started off with nipple dischrge/milk. Vet gave us some medication to dry up milk. This quickly progressed to her carrying around a 'baby' (random soft toy). She was utterly bereft without it. She cried constantly. It was a long time ago now and I can't remember if this went on for weeks or if it just left like weeks!
Vet suggested neutering as it was highly likely it would happen again and we just couldn't put her or ourselves through it again. From what I remember she went on to have a normal cycle 6 months later and was quickly neutered after that

SilverDapple Wed 05-Jun-19 09:33:45

Sounds like a nightmare @Girlintheframe 🙈

Our dog is needy enough without her getting a pretend puppy involved 😑

Useful to hear your experience, thank you. I guess time will tell here. Gah, I hope it blows over without too much carry on!

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