How to get velcro puppy used to being alone (for short absences!)

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tinkywinkyshandbag Tue 28-May-19 22:02:02

We have a lovely but slightly mental 10 week Jack Russell puppy, he's doing well in many ways, very bright, already knows sit/down/wait etc. Almost toilet trained but not quite asking to go out yet. I have a pen set up for him in our kitchen diner, he has his crate in there. Sleeps happily at night apart from waking for a wee. But in the daytime he is attached to me like Velcro. Unless he is actually physically asleep I can't leave the room without him crying for me even if someone else is with him (he's not in his pen all the time, mostly he's just mooching about the kitchen). He follows me everywhere. I've looked at the Positive Dog training pages and they seem to imply that leaving him to cry even for a minute will cause trauma and damage him. I know he's only 10 weeks but I am slightly despairing of ever being able to nip to the loo, shops etc, let alone go out for longer. I'm sure my older dog wasn't as difficult as this to settle. Also from next week I have to go back to work and he will be going to doggy daycare a couple of days a week- nice home based care, but will he be traumatised?! I think I will!!!

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SophyStantonLacy Thu 30-May-19 08:45:32

How’s it going? My nearly 11w old puppy seems fine with short absences during the day - although I’ve never actually left him in the house alone, just been in other rooms/upstairs - but can’t cope at night...

adaline Thu 30-May-19 11:21:51

It's totally normal, honestly. Mine is worse if I leave him (say, downstairs while I pop upstairs) because he knows I'm still in the house and I think he feels left out!

He's totally fine being left while we go out of the house, though. Just do it slowly and start now. Keep going in and out and get him used to you coming and going. Don't make a big fuss of him when you leave or return, either.

I think forgetting how hard your dog was as a pup is totally normal too - I you remembered how hard it was, you wouldn't get another!

Gotaprettypup Thu 30-May-19 21:00:42

If someone has any advice I'd welcome it too..nearly 6 month old prettypup sleeps long as one of us is with her downstairs...barks the place down, jumps stair gates if we go up...cant have her upstairs because of the cats...She is also Velcro to me when I am home, although DH is with her all day every day! hmm Funnily when I'm in work uniform and leave she is ok! On her terms she will spend an hour on her own though..just not when we want it!

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