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DogInATent Wed 27-Mar-19 17:57:05

Yup, we've failed it first time around too and are hoping to travel to the continent over the summer with our dog. The advice from our vets is to have the titre sample drawn as soon as possible after the 30-day statutory wait after the jab is given expires, as levels can drop below the threshold value rapidly - even though protection remains for the three year life of the jab.

It's a PITA though, because the second 3-month statutory wait only starts the day the sample is drawn for the titre.

If the UK drops out of the scheme into unlisted country status, it's now too late for anything but a vary late-Summer holiday with your pet if you haven't started the process yet.

If anyone is unclear, it is a minimum 4 month period from the date of the jab to get everything in order from a standing start. If your pooch's current jab is much more than 3 months old, there is a very good chance the titre will fail.

As I understand it, the problem will only be for pets outbound from the UK to the EU. DEFRA have indicated that pets returning to the UK should be covered by their current Pet Passport.

MrsCasares Wed 27-Mar-19 15:26:12

Ok might be long.

Ddog has pet passport. He had his U.K. rabies jab as per pet passport protocol. In U.K. rabies jab is every 3 years.

We are in Spain now. Plan to go back to the U.K. early May. Because of brexit we got his rabies serology done in Spain. He has failed it. His titre is only 0.29. It needs to be 0.50 and over to pass.

So he’s had another rabies shot, and will be tested in 3 weeks. Luckily we have an apartment in Spain so can delay our return until his levels are fine.

Just thought I should let people know.

Bloody brexit.

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