Peeing as soon as he comes out of crate!

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Notrusthere Thu 21-Mar-19 09:28:21

Having a slight issue with 12 week.old pup.

He's doing great with toilet training and is crates at night. Never has accidents in his crate.

Sleeps from 11 to 5 (wish it was later but hey ho...I can survive on 6 hours)

Problem is as soon as he comes out of his crate he pees. I try to pick him up and carry him through conservatory to garden but I'm often not quick enough. No sniffing no warning nothing!

Any advice?! He also does it when he's been playing with the cat and I pick him up to put him out of the room if it's got too rough.

I'm starting to worry that it's submission peeing.

Should addvthat he weighs 12kg already so the picking him up needs to stop, my back is knackered!

Any suggestions welcome

P.s. it's not just first thing, it's whenever he has been in crate and comes out

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billybagpuss Thu 21-Mar-19 09:30:52

Billypup did this for ages it’s just so desperate can’t hold it anymore. We also got excited wee’s when we get home. I used to put a pad outside the crate door before I opened it then say hello to her there.

She grew out of it eventually

Nettleskeins Thu 21-Mar-19 11:39:13

pup sleeps 11 till 8, and similarily desperate for pee when he comes out. We used to carry him and sometimes he didn't make it to the back door. However, I worked out that he would never pee next to his crate because there is no historic pee on the floor (so no association) whereas the kitchen floor despite being vinegar rinsed as still some hotspots under the table!

So my advice is, make sure you have thoroughly vinegar rinsed, or a wash of biological powder on the floor next to the crate, and perhaps put the crate nearer the garden in the conservatory for a bit (thick blanket over might mean he doesn't notice change of position)

Once they get an association with a certain place to pee, and toilet first thing in the morning, and a word association it is easier for them to bother to hold on.

Still 12 weeks is still young, mine wasn't trained at that age except to use puppy pads - that's how he came to me (at 12 weeks), and now he is brilliant (small breed so quite small bladder I presume)

Mine sometimes gets very overstimulated whilst playing, increasingly bitey and doesn't show any signs of needing to pee, except suddenly cannot hold it any more, rather like an overtired 3 year old who is getting more and more ratty because they are holding on too long, could that be the reason he is peeing whilst playing, rather than submission peeing? In our house, we try and make the puppy have lots of sleeps in the crate in the day to avoid this, but more to stop the biting than the peeing!

Nettleskeins Thu 21-Mar-19 11:42:55

sorry, forgot to say, my puppy is 15/16 weeks so learnt a lot in 3 weeks, and stretched his nighttime sleeps in the crate without any whining or problems, I know because I had been lying next to him for a large part of the early weeks hmm I know that at 12 weeks he definitely needed a pee in the middle of the night and then he would sleep until 8.

Nettleskeins Thu 21-Mar-19 11:50:26

My puppy now walks/runs to the garden door through kitchen, from a room with the crate in at quite some distance, and as long as he doesn't get distracted on the way by anything (food, cat, person) he will make it to the grass! In the early days we had the problem that he would make it to the grass, get distracted in the garden and then come back in and pee under the kitchen table [aargh] I had to really concentrate during the whole process to build up the right association.

ILoveMaxiBondi Thu 21-Mar-19 11:53:51

Can you move the crate to the door, open the door, then open the crate so he is stepping out into the garden?

Notrusthere Thu 21-Mar-19 12:02:14

Unfortunately the garden is down some steps (which we have been carrying him down) so he can't get straight out to it.
Not much I can do about that other than move house...seems a tad drastic 😅

I'm going to try putting his collar and lead on in crate, distracting him all the way to garden with treats then carrying down steps.

I need to remember the door and get shoes on first though!

Do you think this will work?

Sounds like it's something others have experienced and they grow out of though, that makes me feel better!

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ILoveMaxiBondi Thu 21-Mar-19 12:12:00

Yep that sounds like the best plan. He will get the hang of it as his bladder gets bigger and better at controlling itself. But it will help speed things up if you are constantly reinforcing that the garden is the place to pee.

Nettleskeins Thu 21-Mar-19 12:17:24

what about the front garden? I say this because I never thought of my front garden/front path, but it would have been just as good as the back, if I had set up the association. But perhaps that is down steps too? If you live in a first floor flat.

In fact I am now trying to train my dog to pee in the front garden/on front path as he doesn't know how! We were once locked out, I could see he was desperate but was hanging on till he got to either under the kitchen table or the back garden's grass...

It sounds a bit dangerous carrying a 12 kg dog down steps at 5am, I would be worrying about slipping

ALargeGinPlease Thu 21-Mar-19 12:20:10

No advice really, but it's quite common that the excitement of coming out of their crate causes them to wee. Mine went through that stage, all I did was hustle them out asap, he soon grew out of it.

ALargeGinPlease Thu 21-Mar-19 12:22:25

The only other thing you could try is to get up half an hour before he wakes and let him out then. It's probably his full bladder waking him up, so you haven't got any time left. Having said that, you've already said he gets up earlier than you'd like, so you may not want to start your day half an hour earlier. Depends which is the lesser of two evils.grin

Notrusthere Thu 21-Mar-19 12:28:01

Alargegin - I'd rather he didn't get used to half an hour earlier 😅 I know his litter mates who are smaller than him are going longer at night so I'm not sure it's a bladder size issue.

Front garden is an idea bit open to the road so he would have to be on a lead, I'll give that some thought.

Not in a flat it's just that the back garden is down from the level of the house, amazing I didn't consider the issue before hand!

I agree with the safety issue of carrying it does worry me. Front garden may be the way to go, or even straight out for a walk when we get up

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RB68 Thu 21-Mar-19 12:32:37

Something someone recommended to me was when they are this age introduce a command to "do your business" or whatever you want, so they associate this with having a wee or poo - so once outside talk to the pup and use the words of the command and reward when they have finished.

I thought it was a bit twee but now realise how time saving it is if you are going out and want them to have a wee before you go without taking ages, but also late at night etc.

At 12 weeks he is still learning - not sure our pup was really fully trained till at least 6 mo. She is brilliant these days and will wait ages to go but as soon as you are back she tells you she wants out for a wee etc

RB68 Thu 21-Mar-19 12:34:18

btw she was 4 months when I thought about sending her back - the training nearly broke me with all the cleaning and disinfecting etc

Notrusthere Thu 21-Mar-19 12:35:31

RB68 yes I've been doing that just saying "wee wee" when we are in the garden and lots of praise when he goes, he's doing fabulously to be honest it's just this issue of getting him.out fast enough.

It's good to know he's not the only one though. My last dog was toilet trained in 2 weeks and never had an accident again...He was one of those you read about and don't believe exist 😂

But we were in another house then with direct garden access so it was soooo much easier.

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