Ddog at vet’s For X-ray. What could it be?

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Thisisthelaststraw Wed 13-Mar-19 13:35:25

5yr old Rottie. Almost at top of acceptable weight. Runs and jumps a lot.

She started limping about 5/6 weeks ago so we took her to the vet who x-rayed and prescribed metacam and a nerve blocker as she was worse after the manipulation required for X-ray.

Saw the vet again after two weeks. Ddog seemed pain free but limp remained. More tablets and metacam.

She seems to be getting worse. Yelped in pain last night just trying to get comfortable lying down. Her limp is very pronounced. She sits looking at us, holding her paw up and only settles when one of us lies on the floor with her.

Woke this morning to hear her whimpering downstairs. When I came down she just lay beside me making a high pitched sigh every so often.

This is the weird bit. Though we have restricted her movement outside by limiting her time out and watching to make sure she doesn’t run she will actually run. It seems she isn’t in pain when at a faster pace like a human would be. If I have a limp and sore leg I’m not about to run on it iykwim. Also, she doesn’t pull away or indicate any pain on manipulation of her paw or elbow or palpating her shoulder.

Anyway, rang the vet and got her in. They’ve said the last X-ray showed only very small amounts of possible arthritis but nothing that could be causing the limp and at the time they suspected muscle damage.

Different vet today said the last X-ray showed her shoulder was porous (described it as moth eaten). When pressed she said the X-ray today was to check for changes since the last one which could indicate cancer which subsequent blood work would confirm/rule out.

Now I’m sitting here full of dread and panic. Dd is upset (she’s 18 and came to vet with us) and I just can’t bear to think we may lose our beautiful dog.

Has anyone had any similar experience and it turned out okay or had a dog with bone cancer that could be managed with a drug protocol without having to pts?

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Thisisthelaststraw Wed 13-Mar-19 13:47:48


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Nesssie Thu 14-Mar-19 17:21:58

Sorry, I don't have any experience with bone cancer but I hope its good news flowers

Dontgiveamonkeys1350 Thu 14-Mar-19 21:21:02

Only just saw this. How is everything going

Thisisthelaststraw Thu 14-Mar-19 22:21:00

Thank you. Sadly she has bone cancer. We’re currently nursing her at home. She has morphine and vet will call to house tomorrow to pts. I have another thread that I started after this one when we got the results but don’t know how to link it.

Thanks for replying flowers

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Booboostwo Thu 14-Mar-19 22:29:07

This diagnosis sounds complicated. Can you take your dog to an orthopedic vet? They will have a lot more experience with these issues and a better eye for interpreting the x- rays. I am not saying this to suggest that local vets are useless, far from it, but not everyone can be an expert in everything and when a diagnosis is not easy it’s better to get an experienced, specialist vet involved sooner rather than later.

Booboostwo Thu 14-Mar-19 22:29:56

Oh my goodness I am so sorry, and apologies also for the cross post. flowers


UrsulaPandress Thu 14-Mar-19 22:34:27

So sorry.

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