dry food for senior dog with mobility issues

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Hullygully Wed 20-Feb-19 10:07:50

I have spent hours online looking at the eight million varieties available and can't work out what's best...can anyone tell me what's best for a 12.5 yr old generally healthy large dog with mobility probs (ie can't get up on bed any more, slow on stairs, gets tired)?

She has been on Burns for years (with added fish etc), but I'm not sure it's best.

Can someone help?

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WatcherOfTheNight Wed 20-Feb-19 10:14:50

Highly recommend Millies Wolfheart,My 4 are fed it & also PIL older dogs now have it ,the difference changed over to it is amazing.

They've a nutritionist that you can speak with if you'd like advice.
The company was started by owners of large breed dogs & its VAT free !


WatcherOfTheNight Wed 20-Feb-19 10:19:50

This site is good if you are looking for unbiased reviews.

Go for something that's high meat content,grain ,rice & additive free ,there are some really good foods about now. Lots of
5* rated foods with no added crap.


Hullygully Wed 20-Feb-19 10:25:44

Thanks, will look at both

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missbattenburg Wed 20-Feb-19 10:28:50

The Millies tip-off is a really good one.

Due to the way the digestion system declines, older dogs tend to need higher protein levels than adults (assuming no kidney problems) and may also benefit from a nutritionally denser food as they become less able to absorb nutrients. They may also need help taking in additional water because they become less able to store water as younger dogs.

I think some people also have good results with senior supplements, such as YuMove to help aching joints.

Finally, good weight management can really help so if your dog is carrying a few extra pounds, slowly and gently removing them can make a difference.

allaboutdogfood.co.uk provides good, objective reviews/scores of many different foods.

Hullygully Wed 20-Feb-19 10:34:19

Thoughts on Orijen?

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missbattenburg Wed 20-Feb-19 10:39:46

Orijen = brilliant, imo. Expensive, though.


Honeyroar Wed 20-Feb-19 10:43:43

Yumove made a big difference to our older dog's joint issues. We also feed James Wellbeloved senior.

Hullygully Wed 20-Feb-19 11:25:05

This is where it's all so confusing...so many options. i just want someone to tell me the absolute best

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WatcherOfTheNight Wed 20-Feb-19 22:16:47

@Hullygully basically ,Orijen is near enough the same quality as Millies with a higher price tag .
What put me off with orijen is the chicken,it's one of the cheapest ingredients used in dog food & many dogs are intolerant.
Read up on all about dog food about it.

Thanks @missbattenburg ,you've explained far better than I have today ,I'm having a tough day today but wanted to help op if I could anyway .
If you do go with Millies I'd love to hear how you get on op !

missbattenburg Wed 20-Feb-19 22:45:07

No worries. Interestingly, apparently beef is the most common meat allergen for dogs. Not chicken - though that is still somewhere near the top. Worth noting if meat allergies are a potential concern.

missbattenburg Wed 20-Feb-19 22:45:40

P. S. Hope tomorrow is better watcher

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